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Dogs are amazing companions that bring us joy and happiness. They are loyal, loving, and always there for us, no matter what. If you are a dog parent, you probably already know how important it is to provide your furry friend with the best possible care. You plan your day-to-day life around your furkid’s schedule but to you, all of these pet parenting tasks are more of a privilege than a chore. It’s a privilege of a lifetime - To love and be loved by a dog.

A dog's love is truly selfless and unconditional, and they have a keen ability to sense and respond to our emotions. When we show our dogs love and affection, they are quick to pick up on it and return the favour. If you see your pooch showing you these 10 signs, he is convinced that you are the greatest dog mom or dad in the world!  

10 Signs You Are An Awesome Doggy Parent

1. They follow you around

If you are wondering why your dog follows you everywhere, it’s a sign that he trusts and loves you. You make him feel safe. Dogs are social animals. They enjoy being around other dogs or people. Even introverted dogs will enjoy the company of humans they feel connected to. So,if your dog follows you around the house, and is always in close proximity to you, it’s a sign that he wants to be with you. He loves you and feels safe around you.

There are definitely some dogs who suffer from separation anxiety and can’t stand to be away from their owners but that behaviour is more often characterised by what happens when you aren’t around. Separation anxiety can be improved with training, adequate exercise, and using a stress-relief spritz.  

2. They greet you at the door

Dogs greeting their owners at the door is another sign of their love and affection. This is a classic behaviour that many dogs exhibit when their owners return home, whether they've been gone for a few hours or several days. A dog that greets you at the door is showing their excitement and joy at your return, and it's a wonderful way to be welcomed home. Some dogs may even bring their favourite toy or show off their favourite trick as a way to show their love and excitement.

10 Signs You Are An Awesome Doggy Parent

3. They sleep next to you

Sleep is vulnerable! If your dog chooses to sleep with you or next to your bed, this means they trust you. It is a sign of their love and affection.You’re basically a pack member. Dogs are social animals and enjoy being close to their owners. By sleeping next to you, they are showing their trust and dependence on you, and it's a way for them to feel safe and secure. Dogs that sleep next to their owners also benefit from the warmth and comfort that human companionship provides. This behaviour is a clear indication that your dog loves and trusts you, and it's a wonderful way to strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend.

4. They give extra love when you are down

Most dogs are very in tune with their owners' emotions and will often respond if they sense something isn't right. Our pups do seem to instinctively know when we're feeling down or sick and need some extra love. They will find a way to cuddle up to you, rest their head on you, or generally find a way to be close to you during these times. Dogs won't necessarily do this for just anyone, but they will do it for their awesome mom or dad.  

10 Signs You Are An Awesome Doggy Parent

5. They make eye contact with you

Eye contact among humans is very intimate and creates a deeper bond of trust. The same is true for pet parents and their dogs. According to Gary Richter, DVM, a veterinary health expert on Rover’s Dog People Panel, just like humans, dogs gaze into your eyes to show love and affection. Dogs will make direct and prolonged eye contact with you if they feel safe around you.

You may have noticed that eye contact is so important during dog training. Dogs lock eyes to figure out what’s going on with us. They’re literally trying to read our minds. They learn to trust and obey that eye contact and, therefore, trust you. Additionally, research has also shown that dogs look at their pet parents for reassurance when trying to problem-solve, a common part of training. Other studies have discovered that the dogs’ brains release oxytocin, the hormone responsible for empathy, trust and love, while making eye contact with their favourite people.  

6. They lean on or sits with you

Some dogs also love to sit with their favourite people to feel closer to them. So when your dog comes up to you and leans their full weight against your legs, they’re showing you they trust and love you very much. For many dogs, the lean is akin to hugging. If your dog wants to lean on or sit with you, it’s important to let them come to you on their terms and not force them.

Some dogs enjoy being close to their human companions and physical contact (a good massage or fur brushing) can help them feel relaxed and happy. If your pup enjoys a good brushing, consider doing that when he leans or sits with you. A gentle massage brush or a soft slicker brush will do the trick.  

10 Signs You Are An Awesome Doggy Parent

7. They choose to play with you

Dogs who love their pet parents want to spend as much time with them as possible. This includes the all-important playtime. If your dog seeks you out and chooses to play with you specifically, it indicates a very strong connection that could be perceived as love. Your dog’s decision to choose you is definitely a sign of his love for you. When playing with your dog, it’s key to have a wide variety of toys, including puzzle toys, chew toys, and fetch toys, to keep them enriched and engaged.  

8. They recognize your name

Dogs are capable of recognizing their owner's name, and this is another sign of their love and attachment to their human companions. Dogs have the ability to learn and respond to words, and through consistent repetition, they can associate certain words, including their owner's name, with positive experiences and rewards such as treats or affection. When a dog hears their owner's name, they may perk up their ears, wag their tail, or even come running to greet them. This is a clear indication that your dog knows and recognizes your name, and it's a testament to the bond and love they have for you as their owner.  

10 Signs You Are An Awesome Doggy Parent

9. They give you gifts

Dogs bring their owners gifts or toys as a sign of affection and to show their love and appreciation. Dogs are social animals and have a strong pack mentality. In their minds, bringing a gift or toy to their owner is a way to share and contribute to the pack's resources, which is an instinctual behaviour inherited from their wild ancestors. Dogs also view their owners as part of their pack, and bringing a gift or toy is a way to demonstrate their loyalty and respect. By offering you their prized possession, whether it's a toy or a stick they found in the yard, they are showing their affection and desire to share their joy with you.

It's important to remember that dogs may also bring gifts as a way to seek attention or initiate play. For example, if your dog brings you a toy and starts to play with it, they may be trying to engage you in playtime and strengthen your bond through interaction. Overall, dogs bring gifts or toys as a way to show their love and affection for their owners, and it's a sweet and endearing behaviour that should be appreciated and reciprocated with love and attention.  

10. They steal your clothings

Dogs navigate the world using scent and they get most excited with their favourite human’s scent. If your pup has become a laundry thief, he just wants to be close to your scent. He is seeking comfort and familiarity which can help to soothe and calm him.

Do understand that dogs may steal your clothes for a variety of other reasons too. They may be trying to initiate play or seek your attention. This behaviour may be more common in younger dogs who are still learning appropriate ways to interact with their owners. In some cases, dogs may steal clothes as a result of separation anxiety or boredom. When left alone for extended periods, dogs may become anxious or bored and engage in destructive behaviours, such as chewing or tearing up clothes. This behaviour may be more common in dogs that are not getting enough exercise or mental stimulation.  

10 Signs You Are An Awesome Doggy Parent

If you’ve noticed your dog is more attached to you than your partner, sibling, or family members, it may be because you are your dog’s favourite person. Why your dog prefers you over your partner may come down to the special way you interact with your pet. It's a sign that you've done something right and your pup adores you for it. It's a testament to the love and care that you've provided him. Your pup is convinced that you are the greatest parent in the world!  








Katherine Khoo
Katherine is a Pet Nutrition Specialist and GDP’s Pet Wellness Advisor. She is committed to helping pet owners make informed dietary and lifestyle choices in nurturing healthy pets. Katherine is also a practicing Nutritional Therapist (human nutrition) and has been helping hundreds of clients to heal naturally with nutrients.

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Lynne C. Harris
Lynne C. Harris

September 19, 2023

This blog post on “10 Signs You Are an Awesome Doggy Parent” is a delightful read for all dog lovers out there. It highlights some key indicators of responsible and loving pet ownership, reminding us of the importance of being attentive and dedicated to our furry companions.

The first sign, “You prioritize their health and well-being,” emphasizes the significance of regular veterinary check-ups, proper nutrition, and exercise. It’s crucial to prioritize the overall health of our dogs to ensure they lead happy and fulfilling lives.

The post also touches on the importance of providing a loving and nurturing environment for our dogs. From sign number two, “You shower them with love and affection,” to sign number five, “You provide mental stimulation,” it reminds us of the emotional and mental needs of our furry friends.

Signs such as “You take time to train and socialize them” and “You respect their boundaries” demonstrate the understanding that training and socialization play a vital role in a dog’s behavior and overall well-being. These aspects contribute to creating a harmonious and balanced relationship between dog and owner.

Furthermore, the post highlights the significance of spending quality time with our dogs through activities such as playtime, walks, and even cuddling. These interactions strengthen the bond between humans and their canine companions, fostering a deep sense of trust and companionship.

I appreciate how this blog post not only celebrates the joys of being a doggy parent but also emphasizes the responsibilities that come with it. It serves as a gentle reminder to all dog owners to continuously strive to provide the best care and love for their furry family members.

Overall, this post is a heartwarming reminder of the qualities that make someone an awesome doggy parent. It reinforces the importance of being attuned to our dogs’ needs and creating a nurturing environment that promotes their well-being. It’s a delightful read for dog lovers and a great source of inspiration for those looking to enhance their bond with their beloved four-legged companions.

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