Stefanplast Dog Pee Tray With Turret

By Stefanplast

  • Stefanplast Pee Tray With Turret For Dogs is a pee tray that is suitable for dogs that requires toilet training. Specially designed system to keep your dog's paws dry and prevent tracking, Stefanplast Pee Tray With Turret For Dogs guarantees for less mess and cleaner floor. Easy to assemble and disassemble, Stefanplast Pee Tray With Turret For Dogs allows for a convenient cleaning and fuss-free pee pad replacement. It also includes a turret that act as a target for your dog and non-slip base to prevent the tray from moving.


      • Easy assembly system for convenient cleaning.
      • Keep your dog's paws dry.
      • Prevents tracking, keeping your floors clean.
      • Includes a turret that acts as a target.
      • Non-slip base to prevent movement.
      • Tray size: 60 cm L x 40 cm B x 4 cm H

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        • Customer Reviews

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          Alex Cheong
          Well built, thoughtful design

          We got this as an addition to our 'regular' pee tray for our puppy. The mesh helps to reduce the tendency for accidental tracking since the pee flows down onto the pee pad beneath. It also prevents him from chewing up the pee pad. Do note that you'll want to regularly wash the mesh to avoid the odour accumulating from the pee (and poop, which can get caught in the mesh's openings). So there are trade-offs, but it's by no means a design flaw.