Insect Shield Paisley Flea & Tick Repellent Bandana for Dogs (Poppy)

By Insect Shield


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  • Insect Shield®is an approved vendor of the US Military and US Marine Corps which treats combat uniforms with permethrin insect protection. The patented Insect Shield®technology converts clothing and gear including this series of dog bandanas into effective, long lasting and convenient insect protection. The methods follow United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) guidelines and are used in products which are regulated by the FDA. The dog bandana repels mosquitoes, ticks, flies, and fleas.


    • Protection remains bonded to the fabric and does not have to be applied (and reapplied) directly to the skin
    • Effective, odorless insect protection that last through 70 washings
    • Can be used by everyone, including pets, women who are pregnant, infants and children of any age
    • Knockdown testing shows group wearing Insect Shield had 99% fewer tick attachments than the control group using normal insect control methods and untreated clothing
    • Supports global health by protecting at-risk populations from insect-borne diseases
    • 50% Polyester 50% Cotton
    • Sized to fit most breeds 22" x 22"
    • Can be cut down for smaller breeds

        • The presentation, packaging, size and measurements of this product is subject to change by manufacturer without notice. While images and descriptions listed are only meant to be guidelines, the integrity of the product shall remain the same.

        • While permethrin has been known to be harmful to cats in liquid form, Insect Shield repellency is so tightly bound to the fabric fibers in such minimal amounts that it does not pose a risk to cats, or when used in multi-pet households.

        • Customer Reviews

          Based on 2 reviews
          Larry WONG
          A size that fits finally!

          It is so hard to find items that would be large enough for an average size golden retriever. This Bandana is a great size and works well to keep her chest free of drool run off. Hope there might be other colour selections soon. Print design is very cute too.

          Zara (Singapore)
          Finally a decent quality dual purpose bandana

          Finally found one that’s free knotting, good material quality and also repels insects for my dog . She loves it and looks very good with it !