Dr. Mercola Organic Collagen Powder Supplements For Cats & Dogs

By Dr. Mercola

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  • Collagen is the most plentiful protein in your pet’s body – it makes up as much as 30% of his or her body’s total proteins and 70 to 80% of the protein in skin. Found in the connective tissue throughout the body, collagen provides the structural scaffolding for tissues to maintain their integrity and flexibility. Collagen supports the integrity of your pet’s muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, digestive tract and skin.


    • Supports digestion by increasing stomach acid and attracting and holding liquids, including digestive juices in your pet’s gut
    • Helps restore and maintain gut health, as well as support immune function
    • Supports normal detoxification processes as a precursor amino acid for glutathione
    • Supports healthy muscles and energy production during exercise by forming creatine along with two other amino acids
    • Supports the genetic building blocks, DNA and RNA, for healthy cells
    • Supports your pet’s normal healthy inflammatory response
    • Contains no glutenor soy

      • Breed Size: All Breeds
      • Life Stage: All Stages
      • Size: 30 scoops
      • Made In: United States

    • Organic Grass-Fed Beef Bone Concentrate, Collagen

    • Mix powder in a bowl with amount of water specified in the chart below and offer to pet, once per day

      Feeding Guide

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      LOUIE MOONG (Singapore)

      good product as always