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Dear Deer Velvet & Sinew Dog Supplements (100 Tablets)

Dear Deer

Dear Deer Velvet & Sinew Dog Supplements (100 Tablets) is effective in providing naturally healthy supplmentation. It consists 50% deer velvet and 50% deer sinew, supports immune system and nourishes skin and encourages muscle and connective tissue development. Not forgetting an increase strength and endurance.


  • Taking the Velvet and Sinew Supplement Tablets can support the immune system and nourish the skin, effectively guarding against ageing. 
  • Combination of benefits from deer velvet and sinew allows the intake of this tablet to encourage muscle and connective tissue development. 
  • Deer Sinew also has prominent curative effects towards difficulties in walking or stretching limbs. 
  • These supplement tablets also provide a holistic treatment to ulcers, degenerative or chronic joint problems. 
  • Increase their strength and endurance as well as recuperating from fatigue
  • Increases bone density and maintains a robust skeleton while preventing bone fractures and osteoporosis. 
  • Contains no artificial preservatives or additives. 


  • Breed Size: All Sizes
  • Life Stage: All Stage
  • Protein: Deer
  • Size: 100 tablets
  • Made In:

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      Deer Sinew, Deer Velvet 

      Glycosaminoglycans- 5mg
      Phosphorous ― 5mg
      Magnesium ― 1mg
      Carbohydrates ― 159mg
      Calcium ― 11mg
      Protein ― 176mg
      Energy ― 6kj
      Fats ― 9mg