Catandog's Chemical Free, Nanotechnology Anti-Flea & Tick Dog Pendant

By Catandog

  • Description

    CatanDog’s® is a unique concept that will keep fleas and ticks away from your dog and cat for up 2 years, and will give your pets more comfort. It is the ONLY Anti-Parasite Protection for Pets with 95% effectiveness for up to 2 years. The CatanDog’s tag is aluminium charged with electromagnetic and scalar waves to repel parasites.The power source is the “magnetic field” and the movement of the animal within it. It is therefore safe to use on dogs and cats of any age or weight including sick, convalescent & pregnant dogs & cats, even micro-chipped ones! There is no need to wash your own hands after touching it or to stop children playing with their pet as it contains no chemicals and is completely safe. 


    • Charged with special, electromagnetic scalar waves (similar to magnetic bracelets worn by sportsmen)
    • Prevents and repels fleas & ticks with nanotechnology
    • Effective for up to 2 years
    • Suitable for dogs & cats of all sizes & ages
    • Completely chemical free & safe with no side-effects
    • Non-toxic with no smell
    • Promotes good blood circulation & strengthens immune system

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        • Purified Water, Coconut Oil Based Cleansers, Polyquaternium-10, Glycol Distearate, Fragrance, Hydrolyzed Silk Proteins, Green Tea Extract, Vitamin E, Benzophenone-4 (UVA, UVB Absorber), DMDM-Hydantoin, Tetrasodium EDTA, Acrylates/PEG-10 Maleate/Styrene Copolymer, FD&C Red #40, FD&C Yellow #6.
          • Before the bath, build trust. Let your pet see and sniff the grooming tools, brushes, towels, and shampoo bottle and let them listen to the water flowing.
          • Praise and reward your pet with love and treats for relaxed behavior. Build a positive relationship with the bath for your pet.
          • If your pet is displaying signs of heightened distress and anxiety, we recommend using all-natural calming remedy, Richard’s Organics Pet Calm, to help relax them for the bath. Takes only 10-15 minutes to see results.
          • Before washing, carefully brush your pet’s hair coat to remove all tangles and matted areas. If they have badly matted fur, carefully remove with scissors. Also check for ticks, fleas, burrs, hot spots, or other irregularities.
          • Wear clothing you don’t mind getting wet and dirty.
          • Close your bathroom door so your pet doesn’t escape and run through your house wet and bubbly!
          • Use a spray nozzle if you have one – it makes the rinse-out much easier.
          • Use Groomer’s Blend Professionally Formulated & pH Balanced Products, made specifically for pets. And, don’t skip the conditioner! It’s an important part of re-building and maintaining moisture and sheen in your pet’s hair coat.
          • Gently dry your pet with a towel or low-heat professional pet dryer.
          • Enjoy, play and snuggle with your deliciously clean and happy pet!

        • The presentation, packaging, size and measurements of this product is subject to change by manufacturer without notice. While images and descriptions listed are only meant to be guidelines, the integrity of the product shall remain the same.
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