Augustine Approved SuperHeal Paste for Dogs (Lumps, Wounds & Irritation)

By Augustine Approved


  • SuperHeal has amazing reviews on the simple power of applying a Tumeric based paste to lumps, bumps and problematic skin sores or wound healing. Combined with Coconut Oil (famous for use as a non irritating hydrating agent) and Lecithin (extracted from egg yolk or soybeans) when used topically this formula is very similar to the phospholipids in skin.


    • Soothing skin conditions
    • Reduce inflammation
    • Reduce undesired lumps
    • Facilitate healing of wounds

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        • 1. Raw Coconut Oil (virgin cold-pressed)
          2. Turmeric Powder 
          3. Lecithin Powder

          • Refrigerate for 5 minutes before each use. Storing SuperHeal in the fridge is fine but it may become too hard to use.
          • Keep the area covered because turmeric stains anything it comes in contact with. 
          • Apply SuperHeal daily for 7 days. Allow area to air for 24 hours. Re-apply daily for another 2-5 days or until the lump pops or falls off. Keep an eye on the wound and ensure it does not get infected.
          • Continuing to apply SuperHeal may aid in the healing of the wound and prevent infection.
          • We have had reports of SuperHeal having positive effects without bandaging but it is highly recommended that you stick to our method which has shown good results.
          • Keep refrigerated.
          • Keep an eye on the wound and ensure it does not get infected (Continuing to apply SuperHeal may aid in the normal healing of the wound).

        • We make no claims that this will cure you or your animals in any way shape or form. Do not take remedially. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

          The presentation, packaging, size and measurements of this product is subject to change by manufacturer without notice. While images and descriptions listed are only meant to be guidelines, the integrity of the product shall remain the same.

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