Augustine Approved The Exchange For Cats & Dogs (Nutrient Absorption, Coat, Skin & Nails)

By Augustine Approved


  • Formerly branded as Dynacol Zeolite. The Exchange promotes healthy skin, vibrant coat and strong nails. It also aids the immune system to function efficiently. The powder is processed in Australia using the world's most advanced activation process. Helps to improve your dog's ability to absorb nutrients. The zeolite’s porous ‘honeycomb’ structure, stability and strong negative charge allow it to electro-magnetically trap and hold positively-charged particles, such as heavy metals and other toxins. It is the perfect food & dietary supplement for your dog.


    • Promote healthy skin, vibrant coat & strong nails
    • Aid the immune system to function efficiently
    • Trap and removes of heavy metals
    • Improves the absorption of nutrients
    • Processed in Australia using the world’s most advanced activation process
    • Excellent food & dietary mineral supplement

        • Premium New Zealand certified Dynacol zeolite

        • Miniature / Small Breed Dogs & Cats: 1/4-1/2 tsp
          Medium / Large Breed: 1/2-3/4 tsp
          Giant Breed: 1-1.5 tsp.

          We recommend mixing with Raw Coconut Oil.

          ALWAYS ADD RAW COCONUT OIL or water and mix well into food using a spoon. Please DO NOT sprinkle on top of food. Dynacol Zeolite can be fed together with Augustine's SuperBoost and Faith's Cleanse & Detox. For fussy eaters, please commence with only Augustine's SuperBoost and Dynacol Zeolite, and then introduce Faith's Cleanse & Detox 2-3 days later. Please also consider the Fussy Eaters Guide on the Faith's Cleanse & Detox label.

          Feeding Guide

        • We make no claims that this will cure you or your animals in any way shape or form. Do not take remedially. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

          The presentation, packaging, size and measurements of this product is subject to change by manufacturer without notice. While images and descriptions listed are only meant to be guidelines, the integrity of the product shall remain the same.

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          E.S (Singapore)

          It took me a while to find the food grade zeolite. So far so good... both our animal companions have gone through the initial phrases of detox, finding the zeolite binder would definitely help with greater diverse binding of toxins...

          Disclaimer: please talk to a vet who is verse in detox before using any detox products. There IS such a thing call healing crisis that might flare up if the animals are not prepared for the detox process...