Augustine Approved Certified Raw Coconut Oil For Cats & Dogs

By Augustine Approved

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  • Raw Coconut Oil (Virgin Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil) is the oil with a thousand uses. Literally. There are so many topical applications and benefits when consuming it that it's impossible to list them all.


    • When consumed, Raw Coconut Oil has a role in
      • Aiding digestion
      • Boosting Immunity
      • Increasing Energy
      • Promoting Lean Body Weight
      • Can also be mixed with Augustine's SuperBoost in your dog's current diet or to make Augustine's SuperFood at home

    • When applied to the skin, Raw Coconut Oil has a role in
      • Producing Sleek & Shiny Coats
      • Soothing Allergies
      • Eliminating Fungal Infections
      • Soothing Skin Problems
      • Reducing Inflammation

      • Breed Size: All Breeds
      • Life Stage: All Stages
      • Size: 8 or 16oz
      • Made in:USA

    • Key benefits for canines

      • Has a role in controlling doggy odours without excessive bathing. Virgin coconut oil may deodorise just about anything it comes in contact with.
      • Use as doggy toothpaste. The dogs will lick it off the toothbrush so be fast when brushing their teeth.
      • Has a role in healing sores. Add it to their food and use on their body for best results. It is very slow absorbing so you can give a doggy massage for a few minutes to let it soak in.
      • Has a role in producing super shiny fur without expensive chemical-filled coat conditioners.
      • Has a role in the prevention and control of yeast infections, ear infections and viral infections.
      • May assist with conditioning dry/cracked paws.
      • Has a role in improving overall skin health.

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