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11 x 11 x 1.75 inches

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  • A great way to introduce your puppy to problem-solving puzzle games, Puppy Smart is a level 1 treat-dispensing game to keep your puppy busy, happy and mentally engaged, and to prepare them for more complex level 2 & 3 puzzle games in the future. The simple hide and seek treat dispenser game features a plastic puzzle board with 9 bone covers which must be removed before dispensing the hidden treats – choose to place them flush with the board or slightly elevated for different challenge levels. This interactive puppy game provides a mentally stimulating and entertaining challenge for your puppy and hours of fun for owners. It’s an ideal boredom buster and puzzle feeder toys are a great way to slow down mealtimes. Every good pup’s toy box needs a treat-dispensing toy to keep puppies busy and distracted from potentially destructive behaviours!


    • Stimulate your pup's brain and have fun with him at the same time.
    • Entry-level puppy puzzle challenges your pup to uncover treats through problem-solving.
    • Help him to develop new learning techniques by switching the board to different difficulty levels.
    • Arrange the bones to be flat against the board or elevated for different challenge levels.
    • Excellent for training, plus great for feeding your pup his dry kibble at dinner.

      • How to Play: Place treats or kibble in compartments of base. Cover treat compartments with bones. The more compartments that are covered, the harder the game will be. Let the games begin! Show your pup where the treats are and watch them find the tasty reward! Puppies are smarter than you think. Sometimes we just need to teach them! Leave some compartments uncovered for your dog to gain interest.

        Easy to Clean: To wash your pup’s Puppy Smart, simply remove all treats/kibble and hand wash with warm soapy water, rinse clean and dry. Fill again for more fun!

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        JW (Singapore)

        My 11-week-old toy poodle LOVES this! Bought another Nina Ottosson toy after seeing how much she enjoyed this.