Zeal Dog Food

Founded in 1999 by Harjit Sidhu, Zeal was formed with a vision in providing a sustainable and holistic business approach in every aspect of the company. It started off as a small business manufacturing 100% natural New Zealand treats for dogs, the Zeal brand naturally evolved over the years to include a wide range of delectable pet food and treats. The brand's focus on sustainability highlights its environmental and social responsibility to drive a change in the world while producing pet food of the highest quality!

All made in New Zealand with locally sourced 100% natural ingredients – Zeal has different products formulated to meet the various nutritional needs of your pets! For example, their grain free, gluten free food and treats and lactose free milk ensures that your pet’s special diet needs are taken care of! Furthermore, their free-range and hoki fish oil supplement also ensures that your pup's nutritional requirements are well met.

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Zeal is a pet food company that started in 1999 to offer natural, wholesome pet food products to the world. Zeal's mantra is 'Return the unconditional love,' not only to our loving pets but to the planet as well. These ideals are perfectly in line with our responsibility and mandate. So, it is no surprise that Zeal is one of Good Dog People's favourite manufacturers of quality dog food.

Zeal dog food encompasses every aspect of a dog's life. From the time they are puppies, to when they are playful juveniles, mature adults, and (sadly) weak older dogs, Zeal has them covered.

Why Buy Zeal Dog Food and Treats

More than 20 years later, Zeal still keeps to the same natural and sustainable processes of producing delicious dog food and dog treats for dogs everywhere. It all starts with the sourcing of natural ingredients.

Zeal buys fresh wild-caught fish and fish processing by-products, animal slaughter by-products, fresh vegetables, and other dog food favourites. It doesn't stop there though: every manufacturer has to prove that animals are caught and killed humanely. Also, every processing action taken remains friendly to dogs and humans alike.

Zeal started and is still headquartered in New Zealand, although it has now expanded to include every country in the world. That has been possible through an extensive network of online stores and resellers. GDP is proud to be one of the global partners where you can order Zeal dog food from anywhere in the world.

Zeal Dog Food Options Available At GDP

The variety of Zeal dog food is extensive. You can order fish cubes, venison cuts, air-dried chicken or fish treats, and even fish-oil supplements. Additionally, Zeal produces sheep ears, dog treats, venison tendons, calf tails, among others.

You can buy soft food, dry food, treats, and everything in between. Be sure to check out GDP’s array of Zeal dog food products on our online shop. GDP does local deliveries in Singapore, and also ships to all locations globally.


All Zeal dog food is healthy for dogs everywhere. Zeal was started to provide healthful, natural food options for our doggy friends, and that mission has not changed.

Zeal offers a wide range of wild-caught, air-dried dog treats in the form of fish, venison, chicken, vegetables, and more. There are also many types of soft dog treats.


Air-Dried Treats

Naturally air-dried single ingredient treats that double up as a natural teeth cleaning solution

Freeze-Dried Morsels

High protein soft, tasty freeze-dried single ingredient morsels that are great as training aids

Lactose-Free Milk

Lactose-free cows' milk that's easy to digest and specially formulated for puppies and adult dogs


Very palatable supplements that help to boost your dog's overall health, the convenient way