WOOF Dog Food

As a pet parent, choosing the right dog food for your dog is very important. Which is why woof pet food ensures to only provide your dog with quality pet food that is highly nutritious and beneficial - making them one of the dog food brands with the best dog food. Ingredients in woof food products are carefully selected based on their benefits and kept in their most natural state - ensuring that your dog receives the safe and high quality pet food promised.

All woof food products are freeze driedraw dog food recipes that contain 90% meat protein -  imitating dog’s ancestral diets to provide them with optimal nutrition. Woof’sfreeze dried dog food products are packed with the necessary vitamins and minerals that are needed for your dog to thrive. Instead of leaving it to soak for ten minutes, woof’s freeze driedraw pet food can also be fed like a dry dog food meal, with a simple scoop and place - just remember to leave plenty of fresh water nearby. Woof dog treats are high in meat protein, nutrient-dense and make great snacks and training rewards. 

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Top quality Woof Dog Food for your top pet 

As a pet parent, choosing the right dog food for your pooch is very important. Dogs are hyper carnivores, meaning they need a diet that is more than 70% meat, so don’t settle for low quality dog food stuffed with additives or extra calories. Woof Dog Food contains 90% meat protein, imitating a dog’s natural, wild diet, and it is packed with the necessary vitamins that your dog needs. All ingredients are carefully selected based on their benefits to keep your dog in the best shape. Collect your Woof Dog Food from our Singapore store, or we can deliver it to you! 

Woof freeze dried food puts the choice in your hands

We know how it goes. You are in a rush and do not have time to soak the pet food. Not a problem! Woof freeze dried food can be fed to your dog like any dry dog food meal, just scoop it up and place it in their bowl with plenty of fresh water nearby. Woof pet food contains the same amount of nutrition dry or wet, so you don’t have to worry. With flavours ranging from duck to lamb to brushtail, it means that even if your pet is a picky eater there is something for them. Whether wet or dry, they can still enjoy the high protein, nutrient-dense benefits of Woof freeze dried dog food. 

The quality of Woof Dog Food in treats and sprinkles 

Support your pet’s internal system with a super blend of sprinkles by Woof foods. A healthy digestive or immune system is essential to your pet’s well-being, and Woof Dog Food mixes contain a premium blend of ingredients to support these functions. It might be to support their skin, their immune system or aid digestion for puppies with sensitive stomachs. Woof food sprinkles are made with the same attention and high quality ingredients that are found in all Woof freeze dried food products. 

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Absolutely! Woof dog food is highly nutritious, made with the top ingredients and specifically formulated to offer 90% meat content for your dog, just like in their ancestral diet.

Technically, freeze drying is a method of dehydrating dog food, but generally dehydrated food is cooked, while raw food is not. The advantage of Woof freeze dried food is that it can be fed straight from the bag, or with added water. For more information check out our guide to different dog food types.

Woof dog food is made in New Zealand using only the highest quality ingredients. Good Dog People is one of the retailers that carry Woof dog food. Get yours with us today!



Freeze Dried Dog Food

Nutritionally-dense meals that are rich in meat protein and packed with vitamins and minerals

Freeze Dried Dog Treats

High protein freeze dried treats that make great snacks and training rewards