Royal Canin

Since 1968, Royal Canin understood the importance of canine dog's health. The team researched and understood that even micro nutrients down to the smallest details in all Royal Canin dog food recipes can make an enormous impact on dog's health. At Royal Canin, they know the health of every dog is different and unique as they are and very often requires to be tailored based on the dog's breed, size, lifestage or lifestyle.

Royal Canin's sophisticated research on the unique differences of dogs sets them different and also make them one of the best in developing quality food for dogs. At Royal Canin, there is a lot of collaboration with scientists, veterinary and behavioural experts and together, they have committed exceptional nutrition and food safety in the products they've developed.

The ingredients used in all Royal Canin's recipes are premium and high quality. The Royal Canin team only use fresh meat and fish that comes from the human food chain and all raw materials are sourced from accredited suppliers to support the local economy, ensures freshness and reduces carbon footprint. All of Royal Canin's raw materials are also analysed and traceable for transparency and accountability.

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Royal Canin dog food is one of the most popular and preferred dog food with the dog owners in Singapore due to its long heritage for 50 over years. Over the last five decades of operations, dog owners of various breeds have benfited from their breed-specific tailoed recipes.

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In Singapore you're able to benefit from more than 40 Royal Canin dog food recipes ranging from different lifestages, e.g. puppy to senior or small dog breeds such as poodles to large breeds like golden retrievers.