PETKIT Dog Feeders, Bowls & More

Dogs are amazing best friends and companions who deserve a life of fun, comfort and fabulous PETKIT products. Shop for all your must-have PETKIT pooch accessories from Good Dog People, Singapore's best pet store. International shipping is available for our complete range of quality pet care solutions.


Dogs need a nice place to lay down and rest, and PETKIT beds are the perfect resting spot for your furry friend. The best dog beds have removable and washable covers, so you can maintain a clean house and eliminate pet smells. Shop PETKIT beds with special memory foam to keep your dog cool and comfortable even in warm weather.

PETKIT Water Fountain

Dogs need to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated for all their adventures and playtime. If you're tired of constantly refilling your dog's water bowl, making the move to a high-tech pet kit water fountain is your best bet. This technologically advanced fountain monitors water levels and your dog's drinking habits to make sure they always have enough water.

PETKIT Smart Feeder

Give your pet's feeding routine a boost with a bowl made from high-quality material that helps minimise bacterial growth. PETKIT smart bowls with built-in scales and LED displays to tell you how much you should feed your dog so that you can keep their diet on track. Check out PETKIT's app-enabled ergonomic feeding systems for a cleaner kitchen and healthier dog.


You certainly can use PETKIT wipes for your beloved canine or feline. Quality water-based wipes help control odour and remove allergens or dirt from your pet. The wipes are also gentle and soothing, so you can look after your pet's health and hygiene without making them uncomfortable or distressed.

Yes, every PETKIT bowl and feeder offers health benefits for your dog. Not only does the nonslip design make these bowls easier to eat from, but they also prevent the growth of bacteria that can upset your dog's stomach. Bowls with built-in weighing functions allow you to monitor your pet's diet with the push of a button. Just plug in your pet's details and follow the scale to ensure healthy eating habits.

Treat your precious pet to a delicious mealtime with leading PETKIT products from Good Dog People. Call us on (+65) 3129 2266 with any questions, or shop our selection of PETKIT feeders and accessories today to take advantage of our price match guarantee, free delivery for orders over $39 and $10 off your first order.