Made locally here in Singapore, PetCubes dog food is fresh, safe and natural. Using HACCP certified equipment and meeting strict food safety requirements - PetCubes is able to make sure that no harmful bacteria goes into your dog's food.PetCubes dog food Singapore aims to provide your dog with fresh food of the highest quality, as such each meal is prepared intricately and in detail, as if they were home cooked dog food. With high quality equipment being used and high food safety standards met, PetCubes Singapore proudly has a product recall history of zero!

PetCubes is not afraid to say no - adding no preservatives, fillers, additives, GMO ingredients, by-products and grain into their food products. PetCubes products, like their raw dog food, are high in meat content - containing 70% meat protein or more to ensure your dog receives the optimal raw nutrition needed. Products like their gently cooked dog food are single protein recipes that are ideal for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies. Branching out from that, PetCubes has a gently cooked dog food product line that is specially formulated to suit senior dogs and their needs. Their fresh frozen dog food or raw pet food recipes also use a single protein source and are great for dogs with various health needs like gastrointestinal problems or weight loss. Imitating dogs’ natural diet very closely,PetCubes Superior Blend is another frozen raw pet food that is rich in meat content.

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No. PetCubes are not meant to be recooked or warmed in the microwave. Since PetCubes are formulated as a frozen dog food, heating of PetCubes is strongly not recommended as it will result in a loss of nutritional benefits in the diet. In order to retain its full nutritional value, simply defrost your PetCubes in the chiller and serve it to your dog in its natural defrosted state. Should you insist on serving it warm, you can place the PetCubes tray into a bowl of warm water for a short period before serving.

If your PetCubes are properly stored in the freezer compartment, the expiry period would be 1 year from its production date. However, we would recommend feeding it to your pup within 6 months. Once the PetCubes diet is defrosted, it can only be kept in the chiller compartment for up to 48 hours, and should be disposed of if not consumed by then. Do note that a defrosted PetCubes diet should not be re-frozen.

PetCubes Singapore offers both frozen Gently Cooked and Raw Dog Food Diets. An ideal for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies, the Gently Cooked Frozen Dog Food range are fresh and nourishing single protein recipes prepared at a controlled temperature to ensure your pup absorbs all the essential nutrients that are otherwise lost during high heat cooking. While, the Raw Frozen Dog Food range mimics the natural diet of how dogs would feed in the wild, thus ensuring your pup receives plenty of essential amino acids, enzymes, minerals and antioxidants that are beneficial in improving their health!

When preparing PetCubes for feeding, simply transfer a packet from the freezer to the chiller, let it defrost in the chiller for about 10-12 hours before serving it to your dog in its natural defrosted state.


Gently Cooked

These cooked dog food recipes are high in protein, vitamins and minerals to provide your dog with the natural nutrition needed


Formulated to include one protein source, various minerals and nutrients - these raw dog food are designed to help dogs with various health needs


These Senior recipes are specially formulated by Dr. Francis Cabana for dogs older than 7 years of the and below 22kg