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As one of the top dog food brands worldwide, Orijen is easily one of the best dog food that is accessible in most pet stores in Singapore. Their focus is to provide Orijen biologically appropriate dog food that contains fresh regional ingredients that has never been outsourced. They are able to provide your dog with quality nutrition because Orijen dog food is strictly made in their own kitchen. That means Orijen dog kibble and freeze dried dog food are always prepared in detail to ensure that your dog is getting food that is fresh and pet-safe.

Two of the more popular Orijen dog food types are Orijen dry food or commonly known as Orijen kibble and Orijen freeze dried. These Orijen products are rich in meat and protein, providing your dog with the natural nourishment they need. There is also Orijen Puppy kibble that helps to support your puppy’s rapid growth and development while still maintaining and preserving the best Orijen dog food nutrition that it is known for.

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Definitely! Orijen has been around for over 30 years and is trusted by many pet owners and suppliers around the world. Known for its Biologically Appropriate Philosophy, the Orijen Dog Food is formulated to mirror the natural diet of whole prey animals so as to nourish your dog the way nature intended. For instance, the Orijen Puppy Food recipe features rich meat inclusions - 85% of whole prey fresh meat, organs, and cartilage, and smaller amounts of fresh whole vegetables, fruit, and botanicals, so as to allow your dog to thrive with a natural protein-rich diet that is inclusive of essential vitamins and minerals.

Orijen Dog Food is developed and made in the award-winning NorthStar kitchen situated in the heart of northern Alberta, Canada. As Orijen uses fresh regional ingredients from suppliers which they know and trust, these fresh ingredients are delivered from farm to kitchens within 3 days and into the foods within 2 days.

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