Kin+Kind Shampoo & Supplements 

Kin+Kind was founded for a simple reason - the market needed an all natural, organic dog care alternative, especially for pets sensitive to conventional dog care products.
Delivering only the highest quality certified USDA organic dog grooming and wellness products like Kin and Kind dog shampoo, Kin+Kind aims to harness this power of simple natural ingredients to create pets-first products that work.
Their range of doggy care products include everything from Dog Ear Cleansersto healthy supplements and even to much-needed  Pet Odor-neutralising Candles!


Kin+Kind offers a wide range of affordable natural products from their signature  Kin+Kind Argan Oil Dog Shampoo to Kin+Kind flea and tick spray. With their pets-first mindset, you can be certain Kin+Kind’s products are high in quality and effective.

Kin+Kind’s products are specially designed and formulated by an in-house team that follow strict guidelines and procedures to ensure the safety of your pet. Great for pets with skin sensitivities and allergies to conventional dog care products, Kin+Kind is safe for all dogs. In fact, many of their products like  Kin+Kind’s Gentle Rose Dog Shampoo are scented naturally with organic essential oils for super soft care for your pup!

Being ethical doesn’t always have to come at a high price. For the modern pet owner, Kin+Kind’s products are a perfect blend of effective, affordable and ethical. 

Created with the utmost love and care, every Kin+Kind  product is hand mixed, hand labeled and shipped from the US by employees on a responsible wage. In addition, no animal testing has been done on any Kin+Kind product. 

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