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Grandma Lucy’s Dog Food

Grandma lucy’s dedication towards providing your dog with food of the best quality makes them one of the best rated freeze dried dog food brands available. Staying true to their dedication, Grandma lucy’s partners directly with reliable and trustworthy farmers and suppliers - ensuring that their freeze dried dog food recipes and their dry dog food recipes contain only high quality ingredients. 

Pureformance , Artisan and Macanna are three freeze dried dog food product lines of Grandma lucy’s. Their Artisan freeze dried dog food recipes are grain-free and packed with vitamins and minerals - providing your dog with the necessary nutrients. While Grandma lucy’s pureformance recipes are also grain-free they help with more specific needs like, obesity and diabetes. Grandma lucy’s macanna food recipes are also grain-free and have been designed to help dogs suffering from any form of inflammation. Grandma lucy’s also has tail-wagging freeze dried dog treats like, Singles that are single ingredient treats and great for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies. They also have an organic oven baked dog treats product line that is not to be overlooked. It is GMO-free, does not include any added preservatives and is safe for your dog and even you to consume. 

If you were wondering where to buy freeze dried dog food or worrying about the cost of freeze dried dog food - we got you covered. At you will be able to find attractive offers on the  Grandma lucy’s dog food products you need.

Grandma Lucy’s dog food strives to provide the best nutrition for your pets. Available in a range of products from oven baked treats and freeze dried treats to artisan freeze dried recipes and pouch supplements, it’s never been easier to feed your dog the food that helps them thrive.

With a dedication to providing natural nutrition, pet owners can trust that Grandma Lucy’s dog food provides the benefits of better digestion, more energy and the added bonuses of delicious taste and texture for fussy eaters.

Minimally processed, each Grandma Lucy’s dog treats or recipes retains the cell structure of the ingredients, ensuring that vitamins, nutrients, colour and aroma aren’t compromised. Ensuring that every bite your pet takes is packed full with whole food nutrition.

Grandma Lucy’s grain free formulas ensures that your dog is getting food packed full with natural nutrients. Making Grandma Lucy’s freeze dried, organic and artisan recipes great for pets with food sensitivities.

While the pet food market is littered with brands who put inferior quality ingredients in their products, Grandma Lucy’s is striving to create safe and healthy dog food that is made from high quality ingredients.

Grandma Lucy’s dog food understands the dilemma of trying to find food for a fussy dog. That’s why each product in the range comes in a variety of flavours. Dogs can enjoy Grandma Lucy’s artisan chicken, pork or venison for dinner. And, for a snack during the day, look no further than oven baked treats with flavours like coconut, cranberry and blueberry. 

As Grandma Lucy’s dog food, like Good Dog People, recognises the importance of looking after the environment, your dogs can even delight in organic dog treats available in flavours like apple, banana and honey with lemon. When it comes to providing your dog with the best dog food, look no further than Grandma Lucy’s range.


Grandma Lucy’s dog food is one of the best brands in the market. Containing grain-free ingredients and no meat meals or by-products, your dog is being fed only the best with Grandma Lucy.

As Grandma Lucy’s dog food range is full of only healthy and safe ingredients, puppies are able to eat this dog food. However, it’s advisable that Grandma Lucy’s dog food be introduced to your puppy in small batches.

Grandma Lucy’s dog food is safe and healthy. The team at Grandma Lucy’s requires suppliers to sign a statement promising that all ingredients are high quality and free from chemicals and preservatives. 

Grandma Lucy’s team then tests each batch for salmonella, lead and e-coli, among other things, to ensure that your dog is getting the best food possible.

By refusing to use meat meals or by-products, Grandma Lucy’s artisan, freeze dried, organic and oven baked treats range is full of whole food nutrition. Which is exactly what your dog needs to remain healthy, active and happy.





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