Fuzzyard Dog Bed, Collars & Leashes

From the get go Fuzzyard's ethos and vision has been simple, ' To create premium pet products with the highest aesthetic appeal whilst maintaining the highest of human standards.' They are constantly evolving and keeping ahead of fashion trends. They also like to keep everything fresh and are constantly releasing new styles on an almost monthly basis.

You love to look good, and there's no reason why your furry best friend shouldn't as well. Dogs can't imagine what the world must have been before FuzzYard, and we can't either. Do you have fancy ideas about dressing up your doggo in the coolest shirts? Perhaps a trendy hoodie? Or maybe you want to go for a walk in the evening and need a safety reflector for your furry friend?

FuzzYard has all the dog apparel and non-edible treats you can wish for. Step into Good Dog People and explore the full range of FuzzYard products available for online purchase. GDP ships locally in Singapore and internationally to every country in the world.

FuzzYard Dog Products on Good Dog People

  • FuzzYard bed - Your doggy pal loves to curl up and sleep, so you should get them a soft, comfortable bed where they can snore all day long if they want. Buy our FuzzYard dog beds in a variety of colours, designs, and textile materials.
  • FuzzYard Harness - Even if your doggy is well trained in leash discipline, they can get overexcited. A good harness, such as a dog step-in harness, takes the stress from your dog’s trachea and distributes it to the rest of the body. It ensures maximum comfort and safety even if they strain hard. Get a FuzzYard harness from GDP to ensure that you remain in safe control whenever you're out for a walk.
  • FuzzYard Bowl - A purpose-made dog feeding bowl ensures that your four-legged pal doesn’t have to strain when eating. If they are fast eaters, you can also buy digestion-aid dog bowls that control and slow their feeding time. This way, you will help avoid digestion problems and obesity in the long run. Order deluxe-quality dog bowls here at GDP for local delivery in Singapore and worldwide shipping everywhere.
  • FuzzYard apparel - For sickly pups and hairless dogs, FuzzYard apparel provides the comfort and warmth they need to sleep restfully.

Buy FuzzYard from GDP

Good Dog People recognizes and endorses FuzzYard as one of the best manufacturers of dog apparel, bedding, and dog utility products in the world. As always, GDP gives a promise of relentless quality in our products and service delivery. Visit our website to explore our vast catalogue of FuzzYard products now.


FuzzYard apparel is machine-washable in any washing machine without an agitator. That typically includes all front-loaders. All FuzzYard items are quite delicate, so it’s always best to consult the product tags for instructions.

Yes! All the FuzzYard products are made with your dog's welfare in mind. All the fabrics are safe and non-toxic, and your dog will be comfortable wearing any FuzzYard apparel.