Fruitables Dog Treats

Fruitables is brand of Vetscience, which is a company that was founded by people who want the best for pets. Their passion for innovation and advanced nutrition is matched only by a primary focus on natural ingredients that are harvested fresh, with an end goal of proven performance. The dedicated team is committed to extensive research and animal health, and actively support major university studies. They have contributed to many successful breakthroughs, and it’s this care and expertise that is evident in every bit of Fruitables. Just opening the bag allows customers to smell the difference, with a taste that’s as good as it smells. Fresh from the ovens in their certified, USA-based organic bakery, each mouthwatering recipe is packed with tasty goodness in a crunchy treat. Low in calorie and rich in nutrition, it’s the perfect guilt-free indulgence for loving and deserving dogs.