Dog Treats

Dog Treats

Dogs not only love treats, but they need them as well. Both puppies and older dogs love to chew on things and keep active. Puppies chew on things because their developing teeth cause them discomfort. For older dogs, it is to keep the teeth and jaws strong.

Either way, you need the best quality, entirely natural dog treats for your furry babies. There are many types of dog treats made from different ingredients. The first dog treats were invented by a butcher in the late 1800s and came in the form of bone-shaped biscuits. Today, many different types exist.

Types of Dog Treats

It helps to know the different kinds of dog treats and what they are made of so that you can understand what you are giving to your doggy pals.

  • Dog biscuits and dog cookies - These are typically made from recipes involving flour and protein, and fibre. They are then fortified with nutrients, shaped, and baked like human biscuits. 
  • Soft treats - These are loved for their soft texture, and are perfect for training puppies. They can be made from milk, meat, and even human-grade food.
  • Jerky treats - Like human jerky, they are made from choice animal parts like liver, kidney, fish, and poultry. They are then air-dried or dehydrated to keep for longer.
  • Chews and bone treats - These are made from cornstarch and other dog-friendly material. They are hard and help exercise your dog’s teeth and freshen their breath. These natural dog dental chews are a favourite with our furry friends. 

You can now treat your dog to world-class morsels from Good Dog People. 

Order Dog Treats Online From GDP

GoodDogPeople loves dogs, and we take responsibility for ensuring every dog is happy and fulfilled. We do not accept marketing claims at face value, but to research each brand independently to verify them. 

Buy dog treats of all kinds at GDP. Whether you’re looking for dental chews, soft chews, jerky chews, or bully sticks, GDP has them all. You can keep your dog happy for hours on end, train them in a friendly way, and build that special bond of trust and love.


Dogs love tasty treats, especially those that they can keep chewing on for hours to come.

Natural treats are the healthiest treats. These include bully sticks, pig ears, fish, peanut butter treats, and other non-processed options.

Dog biscuits are good for your dog so long as you keep them in moderation. Ideally, 2-3 biscuits or less than 10% of their diet is good. Visit our online shop for all your dog treat needs. We ship locally in Singapore and internationally to every country in the world, all at unbeatable prices.