Annamaet Petfoods, a truly family owned and operated company, has been providing optimum nutrition to dogs and cats for over 35 years.  Our mission is to maximize the health and well-being of our beloved pets while preserving our environment and natural resources for future generations.  Each formula is derived from four decades of research in nutrition and hands-on experience with canine athletes.  Annamaet has two nutritionists on staff, allowing for better checks and balances of all formulations. 

Annamaet is manufactured in the United States and utilizes no ingredients from tainted sources.  Annamaet maintains strict standards of quality control. All meat and fish used in our formulas are passed fit for human consumption.  All of our products are corn, wheat, and soy free. Annamaet production uses small batches and a slow cook at a lower temperature for better absorption and digestibility.