Absorb Plus

Absorb Plus Dog Pee Pads & Body Wipes

Absorb Plus is one of the highest-rated brands when it comes to pet cleanliness and hygiene. Just like Good Dog People, the brand maintains a focus on producing pet-friendly products that are environmentally friendly, sustainable, and completely natural. This makes Absorb Plus one of the better options for Good Dog People in Singapore and around the world.

Absorb Plus offers a range of hygienic products for different uses. It includes pet wipes, pee pads, and charcoal pet wipes. All these products are pH friendly, hypoallergenic, and safe for sensitive skin.

Absorb Plus Charcoal Dog Wipes

Dog wipes are an excellent option for giving your beloved dog a full bath. After an afternoon of tumbling out in the yard or running around in the park, you will want to give your furry pal a rub down.

Absorb Plus dog body wipes are extra thick and moist, designed to wipe off all drool, discharge, dander, and dirt from your pet's fur and skin. Plus, they are entirely natural with no lanolin, alcohol, paraben, or allergen. They are soaked in skin-friendly and pH balanced conditioner and moisturiser to leave your puppy clean and fresh. These hypoallergenic pet wipes are also great for dogs with sensitive skin.

Antibacterial Wipes

These are just like our Absorb Plus dog body wipes but with antibacterial properties to kill any bacteria on your pet's coat. That way, they also eliminate odours and keep them smelling fresh. You can choose scents such as lemon, lavender, coconut, baby powder, flora, or peppermint.

Pee Pads

Absorb Plus eco-friendly dog pee pads are made to a high level of quality standards. Infused with charcoal, they offer instant absorption and can hold up to 8 cups/1400cc of liquid, turning it to gel instantly. They are also antibacterial and contain bamboo neutraliser to eliminate foul odours.

With completely leak-proof PE film, Absorb Plus dog pee pads are the go-to option when you are training puppies, unwell and older dogs. You can say goodbye to tracking and leaking, with the assurance of a fresh and protected floor. The pads are available in small, medium, and large sizes to suit every kind of dog.


Yes! Absorb Plus dog body wipes are extra-thick and infused with antibacterial, moisturising, and skin-friendly fluids to leave your dog fresh, clean, and smelling nice.

Absolutely! Absorb Plus pee pads are designed to hold up to 1400cc of liquid without leaking. They are also free of allergens and are infused with charcoal to prevent pee smells.

Explore the full range of Absorb Plus productsat Good Dog People here. You can order online for delivery either locally in Singapore or for shipping to any part of the world.