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The unassuming electric dog collar has been contested for its cruel nature for a long time now. What supporters of this shock collar claim to be effectiveandusefulfor training unwanted behaviours actually have terrible adverse effects on dogs. It’s true, these collars do work - but at what cost?

What's a shock collar?

Potty Training 101: Housebreaking Your Dog

Shock collars are collars that have an in-built metal contact points that deliver electric signals to your dog whenever an electric current pass through them. These collars are often used as training tools to stop excessive barking behaviour in dogs. The intensity of shock delivered is often downplayed by many marketing messages as‘mild’ or‘painless’, clouding the vision of new pet owners looking for training tools. Truth is, shock always hurts. Shock collars shouldnever be used for behavioral correction purposes, and here’s why.

The detrimental effects of a shock collar

    1. Underlying problems are not addressed

    Potty Training 101: Housebreaking Your Dog

    The main reason why shock collars should not be used for any behavourial correction training is because they suppress certain behaviours rather than address the true underlying problem. In their state of confusion (from being shocked), dogs may in turn associate shocks with something besides their behaviour. This could be people or things in their near surroundings; which would cause them to react badly to said people (or items) in future out of fear i.e. it could be counter training your dog to be aggressive instead or teaching him to fear going into certain places.

    2. Mental strain

    Potty Training 101: Housebreaking Your Dog

    Mental stress, anxiety, and fear are huge side effects of shock collars. Dogs have different thresholds of pain, and exerting pain as punishment only adds an unnecessary layer of mental strain on them. The way they react is also different, with many lashing out instinctively when hit with a sudden bolt of shock. They’re confused, in pain, scared, and stressed. Is this the mental state we want our dogs to be in? Such training methods also damages the bond between dog and owner as it will be a relationship built on inciting fear in the dog, and that is the last thing you’d want.

    3. Malfunctions

    Potty Training 101: Housebreaking Your Dog

    No matter how advanced a piece of technology is, malfunctions are bound to happen - whether through wear and tear, or from simply being out in the rain. In fact, electronic devices operating on the same frequency as the collar can also trigger random shocks. The brunt of malfunctions are bore by dogs who had no say in the e-collar decision making. The results of such are prolonged shocks for up to 12 seconds and/or repeated shocks which often lead to skin irritation and even burns to their necks, exemplifying just how dangerous a shock collar can be.

    Better waysPotty Training 101: Housebreaking Your Dog

    Training should be a good experience for both parties; this is precious bonding time and also the right time to establish a relationship built on trust and respect for each other. Positive reinforcement is a firmly grounded yet gentle method that lays down the building blocks for a solid foundation. Replace that shock collar with a cool lookingEzydog collar and grab someBARE treats to start the better way of training your dog.

      Kim LeeKIM LEE
      Kim is an avid dog lover, serial guac and chips eater, and thrill seeker - all in one body. Currently chillin’ with her dogs.

      2 Responses

      Kim Lee
      Kim Lee

      October 24, 2019

      Hi Esther, thanks for taking the time to write in to tell us about your experience with shock collars.

      The shock collar topic is one that has been intensely debated over the years without any conclusive outcome. To me, the emergence of this debate is simply because humans are driven by results. So, when a ‘miracle’ tool like a shock collar came into the picture and flexed its effective muscles, it won over a good amount of supporters. In this case, success stories triumphs over potential negative consequences. Moreover, the easy access to these collars also feeds the impression of success. However, the definition of success is subjective. i.e. yes the collars do work, but at what cost?

      That being said, I understand that there are dog owners (like yourself) who’re being pushed to the corner and are caught in a painful dilemma. I also recognize everyone’s right to agree to disagree. Lastly, I trust that as a pet parent, you did what you thought was in the best interest of your furry companion, and I fully respect that.



      October 21, 2019

      I love yr products but yr topic about the ecollar. I totally disagree. I have Two dogs and one of the dog Attack the other dog so frequently that I was so stress out. Trust me, I have try positive training, it does not work at all. So someone recommended me woofga and I have to thank god for these two ladies… after the training, I know how to handle her and do note after 11months, the ecollar serve a reminder and not to reprimand them. FYI, during the time, I have two options, rectify the problem or have to give one away.. so pls do not said that ecollar is bad. Thanks

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