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Are you looking for a brand new canine companion but not sure which type of dog to adopt? 

Good Dog People has compiled a list of some suitable dog breeds you can have in Singapore that will hopefully answer all of your pressing questions like - What kind of dogs are the most suitable for life in sunny Singapore? Which are most suitable for families? What type of dogs are on the HDB Approved dog breeds list?

Let’s jump into our recommended list of beginner dog breeds in Singapore!

1. Shih Tzu

Ready To Adopt? Here’s Our Recommended Beginner Dog Breeds In Singapore

Thought to originate from ancient China, these adorable “lion dogs” are one of the oldest breeds of dogs around. These pups are super affectionate, happy and outgoing dogs that are perfect house dogs. They’re also great with kids. In fact, they were historically bred solely to be companions!

That said, with their extra thick coat of fur, these pups may need more frequent haircuts or a cooler environment to stave off the Singapore heat! Make sure to also arm yourself with a hair brush like #1 All System’s Slicker Brush to help prevent mats and tangles in your pup’s hair. 

2. Poodles

If you’re looking for an intelligent and elegant, yet super playful and fun pup to hang out with, the poodle might be perfect for you!

Ready To Adopt? Here’s Our Recommended Beginner Dog Breeds In Singapore

Poodles, especially toy poodles, are one of the most common dog breeds in Singapore, and for good reason. They’re great with the hot weather and will fit right into the climate in Singapore. They’re also highly trainable! Toy poodles are also perfectly sized and adapt easily to HDB apartment lifestyles.

However, bored poodles are also destructive poodles! Entertain them with plenty of playtime and interactive toys like KONG’s adorable Quest Critter Interactive Dog Toys.

3. Golden Retriever

Ready To Adopt? Here’s Our Recommended Beginner Dog Breeds In Singapore

Looking for a larger pup to add to the family? Golden Retrievers might be exactly what you’re looking for! This breed is extremely popular for their friendly and tolerant attitude. They’re also extra intelligent and easy to train!

Plus Golden Retrievers are great with ids and can be protective of their humans - making them excellent watch dogs and protectors. If you do adopt one, you can be sure they’ll have your back! But make sure to get dog essentials like water bowls and beds like OhPopDog’s Reversible Dog Bed that are sized perfectly for your pup!

Of course, large dogs like the Golden Retriever also require plenty of exercise like swimming, long games of fetch or nice jogs around the block using Sputnik’s super sturdy Harness + Leash Set. Whatever it is, if you’re an active Singaporean, you won’t go wrong with a Golden Retriever!

4. Chihuahua

Small HDB apartment? Worry not!

Ready To Adopt? Here’s Our Recommended Beginner Dog Breeds In Singapore

Chihuahuas may be small in size, but these tiny dogs are great HDB pets. They’ll also fit right into any pet carrier, especially cute and convenient carriers like K9 Sport Sack’s Backpack Carrier, making it extra easy to bring them out anytime you’d like. Chihuahuas are extra confident and tend to get very attached to their owners. They also tend to be suspicious of strangers, making them great watch dogs!

Smaller dog breeds like chihuahuas also have different dietary needs as compared to large breeds. In fact, there is specific dog food like ORIJEN’s Small Breed Dog Food that specially caters to dogs of this size.

5. Corgi

If a more medium-sized dog is what you’re looking for, a Corgi could fit your requirements! These adorable little dogs are among the most agreeable of smaller house dogs.

Ready To Adopt? Here’s Our Recommended Beginner Dog Breeds In Singapore

Corgis are strong and lively, while also being super affectionate without being needy. They’re therefore perfectly suited for the Singaporean lifestyle. These bright and sensitive dogs also respond very well to training, especially if you arm yourself with a couple tasty training treats like Canadian Jerky’s Dog Training Treats!

Ready To Adopt? Here’s Our Recommended Beginner Dog Breeds In Singapore

Adopting a dog can be such a fulfilling journey to undertake! Of course, it’s absolutely essential to read up on dog adoption in Singapore as there are different things to consider - like HDB approved dog breeds or breeds that are better suited to Singapore’s climate.
If you’re looking for a companion, do also consider mixed breed companions or adopting from shelters like SOSD that rescue, rehabilitate and rehome strays to give them a second chance at life. These pups are just as much fun as their purebred companions! Find out more about adopting a dog in Singapore here.
















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