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Young or old, your beloved dog can fall sick or get injured. And unfortunately, vet bills can cost a pretty dime - in fact, in some cases, doggy veterinarian bills can cost even more than human health care! With the rising cost of vet bills, it’s no wonder more Singaporeans are considering getting pet insurance.

But with all the insurance premiums and costs tagged to it, is pet insurance worth it? Should you get pet insurance for your pup while they’re young, or can you wait till they’re in adulthood? Let’s take a look at insurance for dogs in Singapore, and whether your pup needs it!

Pet Insurance: Yay or Nay?

Pet Insurance in Singapore

While Singapore’s pet insurance scene isn’t as robust compared to other countries, there are a few insurers in Singapore that provide pet insurance. The main ones are:

  • AIA’s Paw Safe Dog Insurance
  • CIMB’s My Paw Pal Pet Insurance
  • Happy Tails’ Pet Insurance
  • Liberty Insurance’s PetCare Dog Insurance

We’ll be taking a quick look at how these work and compare these pet insurance plans.

#1 Pet Insurance Eligibility

In Singapore, only dogs and cats are covered in existing pet insurance plans.

There are also some requirements for your pup to be eligible for insurance. For example, most pet insurance plans require your dog to be fully vaccinated and microchipped. Some also require your dog to be neutered or spayed.

Certain pet insurance plans restrict eligibility by breed. Breeds like Mastiffs, Bull Terriers or American Bulldogs may have more limited choices in insurance plans.

Most pet insurance also requires your pup to be older than 8 weeks and younger than 9 years of age. There are plan exclusions for working dogs, pups with pre-existing conditions or birth defects arising from breeding. Pups with preventive or cosmetic treatment may also have difficulty getting pet insurance.

If your dog falls into any of the ineligible categories, you may have to forgo getting pet insurance for your dog.

Pet Insurance: Yay or Nay?

#2 Coverage

Generally, pet insurance in Singapore covers a few important scenarios like:

  • Accidental Injury and/or death
  • Cremation and/or burial fees due to accidents
  • Vet fees due to accidents
  • Some surgical and non-surgical treatments
  • Dental treatment due to accident or illness
  • Loss of dog due to theft

Most pet insurance providers do not provide coverage for procedures related to putting your dog to sleep or spay/neuter procedures. Non-surgical treatments or preventative care is also excluded in Happy Tails’ and PetCare’s insurance coverage.

Notably, Happy Tails’ dog insurance also covers more specific doggy veterinarian needs like chemotherapy, as well as post-surgery treatments like follow-up consultations or diagnostics. It might also be a good idea to prepare for such post-surgery recovery by getting cone dog collars like KONG’s Ez Clear Dog Collar.

Pet Insurance: Yay or Nay?

#3 Pet Insurance Cost Coverage

Just like regular insurance, the cost of pet insurance premiums can also be high, especially if you want your dog to be covered for more scenarios.

In general, Pet Insurance cost coverage is split into co-insurance and deductibles.

Co-insurance refers to the portion you will still be responsible for even with insurance coverage. A 20% co-insurance means that you still have to pay 20% of the vet bills. Deductibles, on the other hand, are monetary amounts that are directly deducted from claims.

Note that this means even if you pay the highest premiums, you may still have to fork out a percentage of a vet care bill or pay for third party liability claims.

#4 Pet Insurance Premiums

So what about premiums?

In general, pet insurance premiums in Singapore range from $80 to $750 annually. Some pet insurance plans like CIMB’s My Paw Pal plan also have optional add-on payments that allow you to cover more scenarios for an added cost.

AIA Paw Safe CIMB My Paw Pal Happy Tail PetCare

Microchipped: S$79.49

Without microchip: S$84.58

Basic cover: S$74.90

Optional A: S$32.10

Optional B: S$321.00
Depends heavily on the dog's breed and age. Check out their premium calculator here.

Fur Plan (Basic): From $300
Furry Plan (Standard): From $370
Furball Plan (Premium): From $435
Standard: S$350

Enhanced: S$450

Superior: S$750


Note that the above list of prices is subject to change and also depends heavily on your dog’s breed, existing conditions and other characteristics.

Pet Insurance in Singapore

Pet Insurance can be a lifesaver in certain situations - it can help your pup get the healthcare they need without costing you an arm and a leg considering that dog surgery costs in Singapore can be very costly. There’s no doubt that your pup will benefit from at least a basic coverage.

Pet Insurance: Yay or Nay?

Pet Insurance premiums can also increase steadily as your pup grows older. So if you’re keen on getting pet insurance, it might be a good idea to consider getting it early.

With that said, for the most part, many pet parents in Singapore opt not to get pet insurance - whether it’s due to the high premiums or limited choice of insurance plans. Regardless, if you choose not to get pet insurance for your pup, it’s totally okay too!

Thankfully, most dogs can live long and healthy lives as long as you help them maintain their long term health. For example, you can help your pup avoid expensive dental care when you use a dog toothbrush for dog teeth like Artero’s Grooming Silicon Tooth Brush.

Furthermore, for senior dogs that are older than 9 years old, you may find it difficult to find an insurance plan that will cover them. Even if you do find one, the premiums could be through the roof. Instead, invest in tools like KONG’s Senior Dog Toys that are easier on an old dog’s teeth.

Supplements for dogs like NaturVet’s VitaPet Dog Supplement for Seniors can also help strengthen your dogs’ joints and general health using vitamins, minerals and amino acids. This can help your pup avoid needing extensive vet care, while ensuring they’re able to live long and healthy lives.

Even if your pup is not a senior dog, they may not need pet insurance if you invest in one-off purchases that can help keep your dog safe, such as using safe and secure equipment such as the FREEDOM No Pull harness to prevent unnecessary accidents while on walks. 

Pet Insurance: Yay or Nay?

At the end of the day, investing in pet insurance is a personal choice. It’s difficult to tell if pet insurance will really benefit you and your pup in the future - in fact, it might be better for your pup to be healthy enough to avoid having to use their insurance at all!

Regardless, it’s good to stay informed about the policies available in Singapore, including the kind of coverage they provide and exclusions they have.

Even if you choose not to purchase pet insurance for your pup, it’s completely understandable! There are many ways we can help our pets maintain a healthy and safe lifestyle. Most importantly, pet parents like us can arm ourselves with dog supplements, the right tools, and of course proper training to prevent unnecessary accidents, injuries or illnesses.

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