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Here at Good Dog People, we have made a promise to always put Dogs, People, and Planet first. As such, we take Earth Day seriously. We want to be more than just an online pet store. As we grow, we will continue to expand our green initiatives and we want you to join us in our efforts, to continuously care for our dog's well-being, fight climate change and preserve our wildlife habitat. Find out how, with very minimal effort, you and your paw kids can join us in our pledge to preserve the environment. Let’s celebrate Earth Day 2022 together.

Make Every Day Earth Day with Your Dog

1. Choose our GDP reusable e-commerce packaging

Good Dog People has joined WWF-Singapore’s Plastic ACTion (PACT) initiative in launching its reusable e-commerce packaging pilot trial, the first of its kind in Asia!

Based on a feasibility study conducted by PACT, DHL Consulting, and supported by UNIQLO, a total of 200,000 e-commerce parcels from various platforms are delivered across Singapore daily. This number is projected to grow by approximately 50% by 2025. The more shocking news is that out of the 1.56 million tonnes of household waste generated in Singapore in 2018, approximately one-third was from product packaging. The volume of packaging trash will continue to grow as more e-commerce parcels are being delivered across the island.

To mitigate this negative effect on our environment, we have joined WWF-Singapore in a pilot initiative designed to reduce e-commerce packaging waste. Here’s how you can take part in this pilot and reduce our paw prints.

We promise that there are no messy forms to fill up, it’s effortless and takes only one second to opt-in. As shown in the image below, all you need to do is tick the ‘GO GREEN WITH A REUSABLE BAG!’ option when adding a product to your cart.

Make Every Day Earth Day with Your Dog

For reusable e-commerce packaging to be environmentally sustainable, it must be reused many times. Customers play a pivotal role in making this a reality. Every time customers return the reusable packaging, we are avoiding the use of new resources for the manufacturing of single-use packaging, thus saving up to 2 kg of CO 2 for each kilogram of virgin material.

Not all products are eligible for the reusable e-commerce packaging option during this pilot. As such, you may notice that this reusable bag option did not appear for certain items. We are hopeful that with your participation, this pilot will go well, and eventually, all products can be shipped with this reusable e-commerce packaging.

For more information, please refer to the FAQ section.

2. Earth-friendly cleaning products

Accidents happen. When our furry friends make a mess in the house, choose a natural, biodegradable product without chemicals. Before you reach for a cleaner that contains harsh chemicals that are harmful to the environment, consider using a more earth-friendly option. We recommend the Bio-Home Pet Safe Lemongrass And Green Tea Floor Cleaner For Home. It is made from natural plant-based ingredients that are safe for pets and even babies.

3. Use biodegradable doggy poop bags

Firstly, pick up after your dog. It is a health hazard to leave your dog’s poop lying around. Doggy poop left lying around is a pollutant.

One gram of dog poop contains 23 million bacteria, including harmful ones like E.coli, salmonella, Campylobacteriosis, and tapeworms! Failing to pick up your dog's feces can result in contamination of nearby areas with bacteria and parasites.

Cleaning up after your pet is a must. Use biodegradable poop bags to dispose of your dog’s waste to help reduce the amount of planet-unfriendly plastic bags. Be aware that not all doggy poop bags are biodegradable. The next time you make a purchase, do a little research before adding that poop bag into your cart.

The Clean Conscience Compostable Doggy Poop Bags are the only certified biodegradable doggy poop bags in Singapore. It is 100% compostable and BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) Certified.

Make Every Day Earth Day with Your Dog

4. Donate old toys, blankets, beds that your dog has grown out off

Do you have old doggy toys, blankets, and beds that are still in good, reusable condition? Drop them off at your local animal shelter. These places care for large numbers of dogs and are always in need of such things.

Alternatively, you can do a toy swap with other paw parents. The next time you meet up with fellow pet parents, ask if their dogs have old toys that they have grown out off. Discuss the possibility of swapping toys with each other.

If you do end up buying new toys for your fur kids, try to look for eco-friendly dog toys like this P.L.A.Y. Eco-Friendly Globetrotter Passport Dog Toy. This set of globetrotter toys is filled with 100% post-consumer certified-safe recycled plastic bottles. They are durable, machine washable, and even dryer friendly.

Celebrate Earth Day with Your Dog

5. Eco-friendly shampoo

One environmental risk that arises from conventional shampoo is the release of chemicals into water supplies. As we rinse away the shampoo, the chemicals found in conventional shampoos are sent down the drain and may end up in various locations including our water supply.

Unlike conventional shampoo, eco-friendly shampoo does not contain harsh chemicals and it biodegrades easily. This prevents toxic chemicals from entering and polluting our water supplies. At GDP, we carry a wide range of earth-friendly shampoos. One such shampoo is the Kin+Kind Deep Clean Natural - Almond+Vanilla Dog Shampoo. This is a vet formulated shampoo that uses natural activated charcoal for deep cleaning but is still gentle on your pup’s skin.

Make Every Day Earth Day with Your Dog

6. Recycle dog food cans/bags

Dog food cans are recyclable. Give the can a quick rinse to remove any food residue and throw them into the recycle bin. Unlike dog food cans, dog food bags are a challenge to recycle. Until recently, dog food bags are non-recyclable. Today, some pet food manufacturers are teaming up with recycling companies to start recycling their pet food bags. It is still a relatively new initiative, but we believe that eventually, all dog food bags will be made recyclable. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and continue to monitor the progress.

7. Responsible protein sources

Many of our dog food products, including several of our dog treats are made from humanely raised protein sources. As a pet owner, you can make this simple earth-friendly change to your dog’s dietary lifestyle – to always look for eco-friendly dog foods and treats. Look for humanely raised protein sources, raised without added hormones, chemicals, or growth stimulants. These chemicals are not just bad for your dog, but they are also bad for the environment.

Stella & Chewy’s range of dog food is made from responsibly sourced animal proteins. Their Stella & Chewy’s Freeze Dried Raw Coated Kibbles (Whitefish) Dog Food contains pure animal ingredients and organic fruits and vegetables. It is grain, gluten & potato-free, containing no artificial preservatives or colourings.

Make Every Day Earth Day with Your Dog

When it comes to preserving our planet and our dog's health, every little effort counts. It will take all of us to preserve the health of our planet. Your individual effort is never too small. It matters because collectively, small things can make a big impact. Join us in our mission to become the greener and better online pet store.

Learn more about our eco-friendly initiatives.

For details on the new reusable e-commerce packaging initiative with WWF-Singapore, click here for the FAQ.









Katherine Khoo
Katherine is a Pet Nutrition Specialist and GDP’s Pet Wellness Advisor. She is committed to helping pet owners make informed dietary and lifestyle choices in nurturing healthy pets. Katherine is also a practicing Nutritional Therapist (human nutrition) and has been helping hundreds of clients to heal naturally with nutrients.

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