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As a dog owner, it’s always 50% ‘so very exciting’ and 50% ‘am I doing the right thing’. From as simple as ‘Is the feeding bowl suitable for him?’ to ‘What food should I be feeding him to ensure he gets what he needs to grow up healthily?”, it’s all about improving and wanting to provide the best for them.

When it comes to food, if you have a pup that’s easy going and eats everything you give, we’ll say you’re really lucky! Others may not be as lucky - cue fussy eaters who pick only what they want and leave you all confused about what works. After all, with so many different types and brands of dog food out in the market, we are spoilt for choice!

Have you heard of Stella & Chewy’s?

It started in 2003 in a small kitchen making exclusively raw pet food. Over the years, it has expanded responsibly beyond raw diets and it’s now one of the best pet food brands in the market.

Every bag of Stella & Chewy’s can be traced to its source and their animal proteins used are always grass-fed, cage-free, wild caught or farm raised. More importantly, their recipes are made with quality ingredients without artificial flavourings, preservatives or colourings. With S&C, you never have to worry about any nasties. 

It is truly a brand you can trust.

Furthermore, with a huge range of different dog food types and recipes, there will be something that would work for your pup. If budget is a consideration and you’re looking for something affordable in the long run without missing out on the quality, look no further:

S&C Raw Coated Range: 7 different recipes - it’s kibbles but with a coat of raw goodness 

GDP Reviews: Stella & Chewy’s Raw Coated and Raw Blend Kibbles

It’s the kibbles of all kibbles.

The Stella & Chewy’s Raw Coated range coats its protein-rich baked kibble with freeze-dried raw. Being one of the first of such kibble-type in the pet market, it’s minimally processed and gently oven baked, quality kibbles with the added benefits from a raw diet. With the way it’s coated, the raw goodness sticks to the kibbles. That means you don’t have to worry about leaving any good bits at the bottom of the bag. 

GDP Reviews: Stella & Chewy’s Raw Coated and Raw Blend Kibbles

What’s more, with a whopping 7 different recipes, whether your pup is a puppy, small breed or bigger sized ones, there is something for everyone. 

Interested to give it a try? 

You’re in luck! Good Dog People is now running a sampling programme for the Raw Coated range. Redeem some Raw Coated samples to give your dog a try.

Simply fill up the form here to share with us your interest. What’s more? You’ll also receive promo codes up to $12 off to be used on your next Raw Coated purchase. If you’re already a Raw Coated fan, you can also redeem the promo codes without opting for the samples.

A step further with the Raw Blend range

GDP Reviews: Stella & Chewy’s Raw Coated and Raw Blend Kibbles

The reason why many pawrents are looking to freeze-dried raw dog food is because of its nutritional value. It offers the convenience of raw, quality meat diet that we find in natural whole foods in a convenient scoop and serve form. This, however, can be pricey. 

How can we get the best of both worlds? Check out the latest bad boy in town - Raw Blend

GDP Reviews: Stella & Chewy’s Raw Coated and Raw Blend Kibbles

Combining raw coated kibbles with real, freeze-dried raw pieces, reap greater benefits from the increased freeze-dried element without breaking your bank. It’s awesome! Save even more from now till 20 March 2021 and get every 3.5 lbs at just $55 (U.P. $72). Find out more here.


Both Raw Coated and Raw Blend range are great for pups that like the crunchiness of kibbles and tasty raw flavours. Needless to say the benefits of both are greater than the usual ones.

GDP Reviews: Stella & Chewy’s Raw Coated and Raw Blend Kibbles


If you’re looking to upgrade your current kibbles to something more nutritional but affordable all the same, Raw Coated is a great choice. After all, a little raw never hurts!

But if you have a picky pup, it truly is a joy seeing them lick the bowl to the last bits with the Raw Blend range. The crunchiness of the kibble and the tastiness of the freeze-dried pieces make meal time an experience like no other. Plus, if you’re a conscious dog owner that considers the source of where your dog’s food comes from, Stella & Chewy’s cares about the source of protein and knowing that every bag is traceable should give you a peace of mind. 


GDP Reviews: Stella & Chewy’s Raw Coated and Raw Blend Kibbles

Save time by simply scooping and serving the delicious Raw Coated or Raw Blend kibbles. Cheers to raising healthier and happier pups with Stella & Chewy’s!











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