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Responsible pet ownership isn’t just about giving your pup the best care that you can - it’s also about caring for the planet! 

After all, our dogs don’t have the tools and judgement to make informed decisions on what they choose to eat, play with and sleep in. As sustainable living gains traction not because it’s the trendy thing to do, but it’s the right thing to do for the beautiful planet that provides for us, we should also make sure that we think about our dog’s carbon footprint.

7 Dog Products for Sustainable Living

Did you know that overall pet ownership in Singapore has increased over the last five years, with dogs being one of the most popular pet types in Singapore? Consider the amount of resources each pup uses from cradle to grave. Then consider the options available in the pet market - for every non-eco friendly product listed, can you find an alternative that is eco friendly? 

If you’re unsure what dog products are considered as sustainable, eco friendly, and green, this article is here to kickstart your dog’s journey to sustainable living.

The Good Dog People Way

Here at Good Dog People, it’s always dogs, people and planet first. Most pet stores stock everything; we don't.

Not only are we committed to offering the community the better options that can help your dogs live the best life they deserve, we also consider the sustainability of these options to the environment. 

It is no surprise then that we carry quite a wide range of eco friendly brands for your dog. From dog treats and toys to home cleaning products, we look for those with natural and organic components that are safe for you and your pet, but also reduces unnecessary waste. 

7 Dog Products for Sustainable Living

Check out these 7 environmentally friendly dog products you can easily get at our online pet store today!

#1 Wholesome Paws’ Duck Feet Dog Treats

Not all dog treats are made equal. Wholesome Paws’ Duck Feet Dog Treats may sound exotic to some people, but we can assure your furry friend that this is not only delicious, but it is also made of human grade ingredients with zero preservatives, artificial flavouring or coloring. 

What’s more? These yummy duck feet are sourced locally in Singapore and they come in thoughtful resealable packaging that’s recyclable. By choosing a doggy product like this, you’re helping your dog to live better and at the same time contributing to the sustainability of the planet. 

Rest assured that these treats are sanitized with Ozone and make for healthy and safe dog treats any pup can enjoy. Many plus points for this! 

7 Dog Products for Sustainable Living

#2 Four Leaf Rover (GUTS & GLORY) Grass-fed Organs Dog Supplements

Whether you are looking to enhance your pup’s health or complete their meals with the right vitamins and nutrients for a healthy growth and development, no diet is complete without supplements.

While you’re at it, consider environmentally friendly brands like Four Leaf Rover. Their plastic containers are 100% PCR which require much less energy and water to manufacture. It’s also BPA free and can be easily recycled. Ingredients used in their products are also pure and natural. 

The Four Leaf Rover (GUTS & GLORY) Grass-fed Organs Dog Supplements contains organ meats, which are nature's multivitamins. Made from pasture-raised New Zealand cows, no nasties are involved, just 100% pure grass-fed organs. 

And you can recycle the packaging after!

#3 Earth Rated Eco-Friendly Poop Bags

      7 Dog Products for Sustainable Living

      Did you know that there are eco-friendly poop bags available in the market? This means that picking up your dog’s poop doesn’t have to be wasteful. Earth Rated Eco-Friendly Poop Bags are a great sustainable option as these eco-friendly poop bags are made from recycled material.

      Want to make the job a little fancier? Try the lavender-scented ones.

      #4 Zee.Dog Super Orange Dog Toy

      Get into the Chinese New Year spirits with Zee.Dog Super Orange Dog Toy. Put some of your pup’s favourite treats inside and watch their cute little paws get to work. What’s more, it’s made of 100% non-toxic natural rubber - it’s safe for your pup and eco-friendly too! It’s also durable - that means it’ll last through hard chewing sessions and you don’t have to replace the toys too frequently.

      7 Dog Products for Sustainable Living

      #5 Natural Dog Company Organic Silky Soft Shampoo Bar for Dogs

      After a few walks and good old playtime, your dog will probably start needing a bath… Help make bathtime sustainable by considering brands like Natural Dog Company. Its natural organic dog shampoo bar is made of natural, eco-friendly ingredients that also lasts much longer than liquid shampoos. 

      This anti-fungal and anti-viral Shampoo bar is also easy to use and leaves your dog’s coat silky smooth and super shiny. What’s more, by choosing this shampoo bar, you’re eliminating the use of plastic bottles. 

      #6 DreamCastle Natural Dog Bed

      Did you know that natural fibre makes for a more comfortable bed than one with polyester stuffing? DreamCastle’s Natural Dog Beds are filled with a unique fibre called Kapok.

      Hailing from Java, Indonesia, Kapok fibre makes these beds breathable while providing your pup with the much needed night-time support. 

      Help your pup get the best night’s sleep they could possibly get with sustainable bedding like DreamCastle’s Natural Dog Beds. 

      Kapok is also 100% natural and chemical-free and is sourced in a natural and sustainably cultivated way. Extra points!

      #7 Bio-Home Pet Safe Lemongrass and Green Tea Floor Cleaner for Home

      When it comes down to it, our dogs are bound to make a mess eventually!

      But with Bio-home’s Floor Cleaner, it’s a lot easier to get rid of stains and clean up messes. Plus, this particular floor cleaner doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients. Instead, it’s made with biodegradable and fully recyclable ingredients that make for an easy-to-use cleaner that’s kind to sensitive skin. Say hooray to eco cleaning. Let’s keep your pupper safe with a floor cleaner that is pet friendly and environmentally friendly.

      7 Dog Products for Sustainable Living

      Sustainable living is all about making the conscious effort to think about the products you choose and use at every step of the way. This and responsible pet ownership come hand in hand. It doesn’t have to be difficult or inconvenient either, as many dog product companies shift towards sustainability.


      Editor’s Note: 

      GDP supports ethical and responsible dog ownership and you can be assured that all the products featured on our online store are responsible products. You may check out our Academy to learn more about various interesting topics that might guide you to becoming an even better dog owner for your furry friend. If products listed below are 'out of stock', that means they are super popular, but before you get disappointed, check out the drop down bar to discover other flavours or sizes.  







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