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As a new (or to-be) dog owner, “what’s the best dog food for puppies”, “what to feed your puppy” and “what food for puppy” are probably on your recent Google searches! Puppies grow up fast and they need the right kind of diet to fuel their speedy growth - one that is able to fulfill their unique nutritional requirements during this important development stage. 

Inspired by the desire to provide the best nutrition for your pet, PetCubes Singapore was born to transform the lives of all pets out there. They made providing balanced nutrition to meet the specific needs of your pup a core part of their mission. That’s why the new PetCubes Puppy range was formulated to give your puppy a head start in life. 

GDP Reviews: PetCubes Puppy Fresh Frozen Dog Food
If you’re ready to experience the power of fresh food, we’re excited to be launching the exclusive PetCubes Puppy formula - redeem an exclusive $10 voucher and get them at an additional 5% off + receive a free broth with purchases of 4 cases and above!

PetCubes Puppy Frozen Dog Food

GDP Reviews: PetCubes Puppy Fresh Frozen Dog Food

It’s never too late to start on fresh puppy food. Dr Francis Cabana (PetCubes’ nutritional advisor) formulated the first fresh food diet for dogs for puppies, with the goal of starting your puppy on the right nutritional foot. Each human-grade ingredient in the PetCubes puppy food is purposefully chosen to work synergistically to build a strong foundation for your puppy.


GDP Reviews: PetCubes Puppy Fresh Frozen Dog Food

This high protein puppy food consists of 70% protein, 25% organic vegetables, and 5% fruits & supplements. Each ingredient is also selected to fulfill a specific purpose; Featuring the likes of:

  • Meat Protein (chicken/pork/beef) + offals: provides the fuel for your puppy’s growth spurt with essential amino acids & supplies a good amount of iron and minerals
  • Untreated green tripe:serves as a natural probiotic and contains natural digestive enzymes
  • Superfoods: amazing additions like kale, spirulina, and salmon oil are added for a complete, nutrient dense diet with high antioxidants
  • Proprietary supplement blend of taurine: does wonders for eye and heart health in puppies 

What’s available: Pork, Beef, Chicken

First Look

GDP Reviews: PetCubes Puppy Fresh Frozen Dog Food

Each case comes with 7 trays, which are further divided into 4 cubes per tray. The cubes make it easier to portion out the desired amount for each meal and keep the rest for the next. That’s 28 cubes in one case which (depending on your dog’s required intake) is equivalent to roughly 11 meals for a 4kg puppy.

If you’re not sure how much to feed, the PetCubes feeding guide has a calculator that is very helpful!

We also heard from a little bird that PetCubes will be rolling out new M2K trays very soon! Keep a lookout for new perforated trays that will make portioning and storing much more convenient and easy.

How to Feed

GDP Reviews: PetCubes Puppy Fresh Frozen Dog Food

The convenience of having fresh frozen dog food delivered doesn’t just end at your doorstep. Preparation of meals is also easy peasy - just thaw and serve! You can choose to thaw it overnight and serve chilled. Ideally, it’s best to serve PetCubes in its natural thawed state to maintain the nutritional value. No reheating or cooking is needed or should be done. But if your puppy doesn’t take chilled food, you can always opt to stir in half a cup of warm water into the thawed portion and serve.

PetCubes Fresh Frozen Dog Food

Since the PetCubes Puppy diet is optimised for puppies ages 3-6 months, you might be worried about having to look for the next best diet as your pup matures into an adult. Fortunately, PetCubes is now fit for all life stages so you don’t have to fret over transitioning to a new brand!

If you’re currently feeding home cooked dog food or are on the lookout for fresh dog food delivery, then PetCubes’ range of gently cooked or raw diets are great options you should consider!

PetCubes Frozen Gently Cooked Dog Food

GDP Reviews: PetCubes Puppy Fresh Frozen Dog Food

PetCubes’ gently cooked recipes are a great alternative to home cooked meals for dogs - think of it as a balanced home cooked dog food but you get fresh cooked dog food minus the time taken to shop, prep and cook! Dogs of all ages can also enjoy the gently cooked assortment. Before being packed and sent to freeze, each batch is first lightly cooked at 80°C to kill bacteria and parasites while retaining minerals and vitamins.


Your pup gets to enjoy a single protein diet with wholesome ingredients only i.e. 70% meat and offal as the main energy source, 25% organic vegetables, and 5% supplements & fruits for that extra boost of immunity and digestive health.  

What’s available: Pork, Beef, Lamb, Salmon, Chicken, Duck, Kangaroo, Venison, Crocodile

PetCubes Frozen Raw Dog Food

GDP Reviews: PetCubes Puppy Fresh Frozen Dog Food

Whether you’re a seasoned raw feeder, just getting into the raw feeding scene or looking to transition from a home cooked diet for dogs, you probably would have heard that PetCubes is considered as one of the top raw dog food brands in Singapore. 

If you’re feeling apprehensive about feeding your dog a raw diet, then PetCubes might just change your mind! With each meal prepped and packed nicely into small cubes, it’s not only time-saving on your end but also serves as easy raw feeding for beginners. All raw recipes are also blasted frozen and stored at -25°C to lock in freshness and kill parasites.


Each cube consists of at least 70% meat protein, including offal and/or bones. The next 25% is gently cooked organic vegetables that are pureed for easy absorption of essential nutrients. Lastly, it’s also fortified with 5% supplements & fruits for a balanced raw dog food meal. Just as nature intended. 

What’s available: Raw Pork, Raw Beef, Raw Lamb, Raw Chicken, Raw Duck, Raw Kangaroo, Raw Venison

PetCubes Frozen Gently Cooked Senior Dog Food

GDP Reviews: PetCubes Puppy Fresh Frozen Dog Food

As our dogs enter their golden years, their nutritional needs shift, their metabolic rates slow, and their food sensitivities start to surface. With that in mind, PetCubes crafted their senior diet together with Dr Francis Cabana (PetCubes’ nutritional advisor): the PetCubes Senior diet. Single protein, low in fat, and optimally balanced for senior dogs over 7 years old and below 22kg.


70% meat & offal + 25% organic vegetables + 5% supplements & fruits = 100% complete, balanced, and wholesome diet to help your dog to age gracefully and healthily. 

What’s available: Senior Gently Cooked Pork, Senior Gently Cooked Beef, Senior Gently Cooked Kangaroo

    Where to Buy Fresh Dog Food?


    If you’re ready to join the fresh food movement, then hop on over here to get $10 OFF the new PetCubes Puppy range. Otherwise, order your dog food online and get PetCubes fresh dog food delivery straight to your doorstep at 5% OFF - a free bone broth comes with purchases or 4 cases and above as well!

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