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“What is the best way to feed dogs and cats?” 

Ninety years ago, NUTRO’s quest to find the answer to this question rooted itself in the core philosophy of their brand: to FEED CLEAN™. Fast forward to today, the American brand has not only pioneered a new standard of clean with their range of natural pet food, but have also stayed true to their commitment to continually evolving their recipes with the latest innovations. Because after all, there is no greater privilege than being loved by a pet and we want only the best for them.

GDP Reviews: NUTRO Dog Food

If you’re looking for a natural, healthy dry dog food option, thenNUTRO Wholesome Essentials Adult Dry Dog Food might just be the one for you. Enjoy 50% OFF a bag and get a freeGreenies Original Dental Dog Chews (worth $27!) with every purchase of 2 x 3kg or 1 x 15kg bag!

Clean is the New Standard

GDP Reviews: NUTRO Dog Food

The NUTRO Feed Clean philosophy starts with every pet parent’s biggest concern: how do I find quality dog food? Given that the primary function of your pet’s food is to energize them from the inside out, it naturally follows that the choice of pet food will have an incredibly significant effect on your pet’s health. 

NUTRO recognises that concern and prioritises dog nutrition, which is why each of theNUTRO Dry Dog Food recipe is formulated based onthree core values to ensure consistency and to bring you a naturally balanced diet for dogs:

Simple: NUTRO uses only real, recognisable, non-GMO ingredients as close to their original form as possible. This meansNO artificial preservatives, meat by-product meals, and cheap fillers.

Purposeful:Building on a high-protein base, every single ingredient that follows has a specific function to fulfill. The result is nutrient-rich healthy dog food for a hearty, balanced meal each time.

Trustworthy:Every stage of NUTRO's food production process from sourcing fresh ingredients, to preparation, and finally rigorous quality and safety checks, is strictly monitored to protect the integrity of the food. 

Choosing a suitable dog food can be a daunting task for many pet parents, but NUTRO takes it upon themselves to assume that responsibility with you. By formulating and producing clean, natural dry kibble dog food recipes for pet parents to choose from, they’ve already overcome the biggest huddle for you! 

Feed Clean With NUTRO

GDP Reviews: NUTRO Dog Food

Before digging into what NUTRO has to offer, here’s a (non-exhaustive) list of things you will absolutely NOT find in their line of dog food:

  • GMO ingredients
  • Artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives
  • Meat by-product meals
  • Cheap fillers like corn, wheat, or soy protein 

Now on to the good stuff! All recipes in the Wholesome Essentials line are developed following the NUTRO Feed Clean philosophy strictly. This means you’ll always find real meat as the very first thing on the dog food ingredients list, this is closely followed by essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. All these natural wholesome ingredients come together to promote a robust immune system and maintain healthy skin and coat health. 

What’s available: Chicken,Lamb,Fish in 3kg and 15kg.

Satisfaction Guaranteed, or Get Your Money Back!

GDP Reviews: NUTRO Dog Food

NUTRO has not only gained a rep for being one of the best natural dog kibble for dogs in the market, but also as one of the best dry dog food for picky eaters! So if you’ve been searching for kibble for picky dogs or even kibble for sensitive stomachs, then you might want to give NUTRO a go!

If you’ve been traumatised by not knowing what to do with leftover kibble from multiple taste-test rejections by your pup’s palate, then you can put that worry to rest withNUTRO’s money-back guarantee. This scheme allows you to ask for your money back if you’re unsatisfied with your NUTRO purchase for any reason. 

But we’re pretty sure your pup will empty out that bag of highly palatable NUTRO Wholesome Essentials because clean food has never tasted so good!

A Closer Look

GDP Reviews: NUTRO Dog Food

Upon opening a bag ofNUTRO Wholesome Essential Chicken Dry Dog Food, we were immediately greeted with a strong savoury chicken aroma that we believe will definitely get your pup excited for his meals!

GDP Reviews: NUTRO Dog Food

The average-sized NUTRO dog kibble also comes in a squarish, 3-dimensional shape (instead of the usual flat kibble) for added texture and crunch that your dog will love!

Pairing Suggestions

GDP Reviews: NUTRO Dog Food

Just as every steak is great on its own, a simple addition of quality wine elevates the eating experience. The same can be done for your pup’s meals. If you’re ready to take your pet’s bowl of NUTRO to the next level, here are two very simple pairing suggestions: (1) a dribble of natural bone broth, or (2) a sprinkle of meal booster.

GDP Reviews: NUTRO Dog Food

Both pairing suggestions not only enhances the taste of NUTRO’s dry dog food, but are also act as a great dog food supplement for an added boost of nutrition. Of course, this step is totally optional and you can save it for days where your pup needs a little pick me up.

6 Days to NUTRO Nutrition

GDP Reviews: NUTRO Dog Food

As always, whether you’re switching your pup to a new brand of dog food or even between formulas within the same brand, it’s best to buffer some transition time in between. Sudden changes in your dog’s diet can cause digestive issues and upset tummies, especially for dogs with sensitive stomachs. 

To ensure a smooth transition to NUTRO, mix your dog’s old food with his new highly digestible NUTRO dog food over a period of 6 days. Start out with a ratio of 25% NUTRO dog food + 75% old dog food for 2 days. Gradually increase the amount of NUTRO dog food and concurrently decrease the amount of old dog food by 25% each, every 2 days. By the end of 6 days, your dog should be fully transitioned to a 100% NUTRO complete dog food diet.

Where to Buy NUTRO Dog Food

GDP Reviews: NUTRO Dog Food

Enjoy 50% off a bag ofNUTRO Wholesome Essentials Dry Dog Food AND get a free bag ofGreenies Original Dental Dog Chews (worth $27!) when you order your NUTRO pet food online at! Pssst. free delivery is included as well!

NUTRO Feed Clean Contest

GDP Reviews: NUTRO Dog Food

We’ve told you what feeding clean means to NUTRO, and now we want to hear from you! From now to19 December 2019, enter ourNUTRO feed clean contest and stand a chance to win a NUTRO Feed Clean Care Package (worth $100)! Find out morehere.

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