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A few weeks back, weinvited the public to share their adoption stories with us. We received an overwhelming number of stories - all of which were very heartwarming and emotional. Thank you to all who submitted their stories, we applaud your persistence, and are very much inspired by the transformative power of love.

Potty Training 101: Housebreaking Your Dog

Here are some of the stories shared by you, the true unsung heroes of#adoptdontshop.

Kerrine & Franco

Potty Training 101: Housebreaking Your Dog

Franco tells you exactly why you should #adoptdontshop and the long and arduous journey before he finally found the right place for him. Read his story here:

Franco: I was 4 when I was given toSOSD by my ex owner, who ran into financial troubles. At then, I was a furkid with half of my lower body covered in elephant skin. Besides, I also had an insane amount of energy and fear based aggression. 

Potty Training 101: Housebreaking Your Dog

Franco when he first joined the family

SOSD handed me over to my fosterers. Since then, we run 4km every day to burn off my energy. And I started my toilet training - it only took me 4 days to be grass trained. Initially, I snapped at them and drew blood whenever I was fearful. As the days passed, with tender loving care, I began to trust them and started to put my head on their laps as a sign of affection.

A boy with bright eyes, I had a few potential adopters but none worked out due to the level of care for my skin problem. I was still waiting for my furever home.

After a month's stay, I was told I had a good family who was eager to adopt me. I went for my trial stay. 6 days later, SOSD called my fosters to take me back - I was kept outdoors in a shed with heavy machinery and chemical fertilizers. I could enter the kitchen for food only. Thankfully my rehomer rescued me once again. I was so happy to see my fosterers again! They were in tears and we embraced. That night, I fell asleep immediately on the sofa soundly.

Potty Training 101: Housebreaking Your Dog

Franco now

My fosterers went down the route of "failed fosterers" and became my pawrents. 2 years on, I am pampered boy - I get to go outdoors with my furiends every week, enjoy good food, and best of all, sleep in my pawrents' bed every night! I am fully grass trained and mastered 10 tricks. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Life has never been better! #adoptdontshop

Jacelyn & Muki

Potty Training 101: Housebreaking Your Dog

Muki, previously known as Luna, found her forever home but not before going through the mental struggles of being rehomed thrice. Despite that, she still displays much affection and energy, read her story: 

I wanted to find a companion for my current spitz as she had started to develop very bad barking behaviour whenever we go out on WEEKENDS. It was so bad that we couldn't even go downstairs to eat lunch. 
So I looking around for adoption posts and one day I came across a Facebook post asking for donations for a spitz puppy who looked really bad with yellow brown matted fur and had fractured her paws. I messaged the poster and asked what happened. 

She said the owner took her home and on the first night Luna jumped off the bed and broke her paw. So the sob story was owner rescued her from an irresponsible first owner who kept the puppy in the toilet without any food, water, and toys. 

Second owner saw the puppy licking leftover shower water from the floor! And the dog was lying in its own pee and poop. The dog didn't even had a name. She was just called "dog". But the second owner herself was very young, from a single parent family and had no money for medical fees. Also claimed vet said dog didnt had food when young hence not enough calcium and that's why she broke her paw that easily. 

Potty Training 101: Housebreaking Your Dog

I replied and said I wouldn't donate (because that doesn't solve the problem) but please do let me know if she wants to give it up for adoption. I also wanted her to tell the owner the real cost / responsibility of owning a dog. But poster said we should give the second owner a chance to show her commitment. 
Fast forward one month later, poster asked if I was still keen on adopting Luna. So I said ok can I bring my dog to meet her first and do a home trial? So I made arrangements with the second owner to meet her and also go to the vet for follow up checks with her. 

The owner either went MIA or overslept when she was due to meet me (I sensed her irresponsibility). When I finally met them at her place, she just carried the dog down without leashing her! And she obviously doesn't know how to handle a dog because the puppy fell from her arms and tumbled to the ground! I was shocked (while she laughed it off) as you could see the puppy was still "soft" and had a cast on. 

So I made an arrangement to pick the puppy for the vet visit on another day. On that day, when I reached, she texted me (we were supposed to go vet together for follow up) to say she’s still sleeping and the maid will bring her down to me. I was lost for words. So I took the puppy to the vet and paid for her outstanding bills and decided there and then that I cannot allow the puppy to stay with her any longer. I texted to inform her that I'll bring the puppy home that very night. She did not resist. 

Potty Training 101: Housebreaking Your Dog

And oh my heavens, this puppy is a destroyer and biter (worse than my dog’s puppy phase) Many times I considered returning because she was really a difficult puppy and it didn't help that my older one didn't like her. One day she bit me so hard that I bled and refused to talk to her. Then, she came over (in her limp lol), crawled into my lap and licked me (I assumed she was saying sorry!). My heart melted :') 

Although she is still a very difficult puppy now, but she is after all a part of our family. And when i "adopted" her at 8 months, I was already the 3rd owner. How can I let her suffer so much mental changes /stress at such a young age?
And now they are the two white furry friends of the household! :)

Eda & Lyla

Potty Training 101: Housebreaking Your Dog

Lyla took a while to open up to her new family but when she did, it was an outpour of love and joy. Read on:

Adopted our miniature poodle fromSPCA on 7th May and it's been only a couple of months but we felt that she's a great part of our lives. Specifically, a family member.

Potty Training 101: Housebreaking Your Dog

She's 6 years of age but she has severe separation anxiety from the start. Thankfully my husband and I are self employed, so we managed to take two full weeks off work to train and reassure her. 

Eventually she warmed up to us, from not eating nor drinking for up to 5 days, she is so much livelier and active these days.

Potty Training 101: Housebreaking Your Dog

We definitely thank God she's great with mostly kids and and human in general, other animals too. We could've never felt happier or experience such true bliss until we've found her and vice versa.

As we go on with our busy lives, it’s easy to forget that there are animals out there who have so much love to share. Sometimes, we don’t choose our pets as much as they choose us. For more tear-jerking adoption tales, do check out Daniel Boey’s new bookWe Adopted! which features 34 amazing comeback stories of dogs who went through their own personal Hell but bounced back as loving and trusting as ever. 

If you’ve recently adopted a new dog, we’ve also put together astarter kit that contains all the essentials to get you started on your new pawrenthood journey. It’s going to be an exciting time - one that is filled with so much love, joy, and happiness - for both you and your pup. 

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