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As the most wonderful and magical time of the year sets upon us, we took some time to sit down with a couple of pet parents to talk about the joy that dogs bring with them and our dog’s purpose. What we got were beautiful tales of love, companionship, and unbreakable bonds between humans and dogs. Watch here:

5 Pawfect Gift Ideas 

It isn’t Christmas without any gifts for your loved ones - and that includes your beloved fur-friend! So, we put together a list of amazing gifts you can shower your pup with and also gift the dog lovers in your life! From gift sets to beautiful apparels and yummy treats - there’s something for every dog and human!

5 Perfect Gift Ideas to Pamper Your Dog With This Christmas

Here’s a holiday gift guide of the perfect Xmas gifts this 2019. Psst - this Christmas gift guide is also great for coming up with gift ideas for dog owners in your life!

#1 Awesome outfit

5 Perfect Gift Ideas to Pamper Your Dog With This Christmas

Pet parents around the world know this joy - when your dog gets into the cutest shirt, hoodie or costume and strut their stuff, it absolutely melts our hearts. Want to dress your pup as a cute and angelic unicorn-dog this Christmas? BarkShop has you covered, with theirrange of wearable dog plush toy outfits. These comfortable clothes double up as toys, built with plush and squeakers that will have your pup playing for hours. 

If you’re going for a Sunday’s best kind of look, check outOhpopdog’s adorable range of dog apparel suitable for all sizes of dog and get a little fancy with your pup this December. Otherwise, don your pup in one ofLand Rover’s bandanas and they’ll pull off the effortless chic look - perfect for 2019 Christmas cards for your friends and family! 

For other dog lovers in your life, Ohpopdog also makes thesebeautiful, high-quality enamel pins that’ll let them display their love for pugs and pups for all to see. Pair that with a book by Daniel Boey to make the perfect gift combo!

    #2 Creatures of comfort

    5 Perfect Gift Ideas to Pamper Your Dog With This Christmas

    Our dogs love to go out in the sun and play, but they also love to snuggle up in bed and rest after a hard day’s work at the park. Pamper your dog for the holidays with some new furniture that will have them well rested and ready for another round of play. 

    If you’re looking for perfect gifts for old dogs,PetKit’s Memory Foam Dog Bed comes insulated with thick memory foam that’s endlessly comfortable. The memory foam in the bed conforms to your pet’s body relieving pain and pressure on their joints and muscles. Of course, these dog beds are also good gifts for dogs of all ages!

    Other than their love for walks and play, the next favourite love of a pup’s life is food. What better way to boost their dining experience than getting them a brand new Le Creuset stoneware dog bowl? Beautifully sleek, coming in a palette of gorgeous and bold tones, it’s easy to clean and gives your pup a clean and easy feeding experience every time. In addition, the enameled surface of Le Creuset’s bowl is scratch-resistant and hygienic, being able to absorb odors or flavours. It’s also strong and durable, making for an awesome eco-friendly Xmas gift for your pup!

    #3 Delicious snacks

      5 Perfect Gift Ideas to Pamper Your Dog With This Christmas

      Gift your pup with delicious snacks and goodies this summer, to fill their tummy and their energy. TrySmall Batch’s delicious Freeze Dried Turkey Hearts that your pup will gobble right up. Plus, Small Batch’s treats are made organic and pure!

      BARE air dried treats also make great stocking stuffers, coming in a plethora of mouth-watering flavours such asRoo Rib Racks, Queenfish Fingers andBuffalo Chops! These single-ingredient treats make for a fantastic gift for pups with food sensitivities/ allergies!

      But for a great Christmas Day treat, try serving upWholesome Paws’ Multivitamins Frozen Bone Broth packed with calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and a whole slew of other nutrients that support your pup’s immunity, digestive system and even your dog’s joints and mobility. The best part - it’s absolutely delicious. 

      Of course, if you want to add a little mystery and wonder to your pup’s Christmas, tryKONG x BARE surprise box, a surprise box brimming with delicious single ingredient treats from Australia and fun + functional KONG toys!

      #4 Toys, toys, and more toys!

      5 Perfect Gift Ideas to Pamper Your Dog With This Christmas

      This Christmas, it’s time to renew your pup’s playbox with new toys and spend some time playing with them. 

      Feeling a little festive? Get your pup a funChristmas Toy from ZippyPaws! P.L.A.Y also offers a great selection of Christmas-ready toys, from class yule log plush dog toys to gingerbread men and mugs of plush hot chocolate, that your pup will surely appreciate.

      For more creative Xmas gifts, tryBarkShop’s range of plush toys. From a full glass of bubbly to a froyo cup and even Chinese takeout, BarkShop’s plush toys are wild, with different textures and colours that will definitely stimulate your dog’s interest. 

      If you’re feeling adventurous this holiday, try the Christmas edition of theKong Box, a dog Christmas box of mystery toys and treats that are guaranteed to be highly entertaining and interactive. Coming in a mix of outdoor and indoor toys, this box will equip you and your pet with the tools to have quality fun no matter where you are!

      #5 Play outside

      5 Perfect Gift Ideas to Pamper Your Dog With This Christmas

      Of course, in the end, almost nothing beats a good walk outside. This December, deck your dog out with trendy new walking gear, likeLand Rover’s Hue Leash & Collar set, made to be comfortable to wear and secure. For those who are not a fan of wrapping presents, these come in a lovely sea-green box that looks and works great as a gift box on its own!

      For extra support for rough play out on the grass and in the park, tryFuzzYard’s super lightweight step-in dog harnesses that are great for dogs that aren’t as comfortable with things going over their heads. FuzzYard’s harnesses come in bold and beautiful colours and designs and are suitable for dogs of all sizes and shapes. 

      Try something new with your pup this Christmas and bring them out for a swim! On hot days, your dog will love splashing in a pool or at the beach and will definitely appreciate the chance to cool off in the water. 

      For their safety, get them a cool and stylish life jacket likeRuffwear’s Outdoor Float Coats. Built with a strong handle, optimally positioned to guide your dogs in and out of the water, and reflective stripes for more visibility in or out of the water. 

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