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Want to get your pup started on supplements, but they just won’t take it? 

It’s a common problem most of us dog owners have - after all, dogs are notoriously picky with medicine, supplements and anything that doesn’t smell or taste appealing. Supplements are, however, really excellent additions to your pup’s diet. It’s definitely worth it to get your stubborn pup to give it a try! After all, there's no harm boosting even the best dog food you serve up your pup. 

Let’s take a look at 5 ways you can incorporate supplements into your dog’s meal!

5 (Fun) Ways to Add Supplements to your Pup's Meal

#1 Mix it into their Food

Looking to boost your pup with useful dog supplement like Dr. Mercola’s Vitamin B Complex Supplement? One of the easiest ways to get your pup to eat their supplements is to sneak it into their food! 

The best dog food for this method has a strong odor, especially canned wet food, raw dog food or fresh dog food. If you’re cooking or heating up your pup’s meal, make sure to add the supplements after cooking to preserve the vitamins.

Of course, many of us feed our dogs kibble! It’s not as easy to sneak a dog supplement into dry food, so you might want to add some water, milk or wet food.

5 (Fun) Ways to Add Supplements to your Pup's Meal

#2 Feed It Separately 

If mixing it doesn’t work, or if you use dry kibble, try feeding your pup their supplements separately. For pups with chronic joint problems, Dear Deer’s Deer Sinew Supplement is absolutely vital and they’re easily snuck into other tasty treats. 

Either wrap the dog supplement in something like sliced deli meat, or in a spoon of peanut butter! Other things you can try mixing in with the dog supplement includes - beef stock, meat, cheese, eggs, etc. 

#3 Use Pill Pocket Treats

For a cleaner and easier solution, try commercially available pill pocket treats! 

These treats are designed to hold pills in a delicious exterior. All you have to do is slide the pill in and mold it closed. In most cases, your pup will be too busy scarfing down the treat to notice the supplements!

5 (Fun) Ways to Add Supplements to your Pup's Meal

#4 Play a Game

Pup still giving you a hard time? Try playing a little game with them! A game of fetch with Kong Wubba Comet is great way to start!

Get your hands on your pup’s favourite treat. Play a game or get your pet to do a trick. If they’re successful, give them their favourite snack! On the 3rd go, replace their snack with the supplement.

With any luck, they’ll have no idea they’re eating their supplements!

#5 Empty Gel Caps, Crush Pills or get Tasty Supplements

Of course, there are scenarios where everything else has failed. Never fear!

You can try adding their supplements directly into their food crushed or in their liquid form. Depending on the type of dog supplement you choose, you can either crush or open up the pill to get to the supplement. In this form, they’re much easier to add to your pup’s meal.

Delicious chewable supplements like NaturVet’s Cranberry Relief Supplement is also a great alternative to traditional supplements. These supplements are tasty, easy to chew and make for great healthy treats! What's more, it comes in a great range so your there's sure to be something that works for your pup's conditions!

5 (Fun) Ways to Add Supplements to your Pup's Meal

Supplements are really good for dogs. They boost your pup’s health and wellness and are great for any dog at any life stage. In fact, it’s never too late to get your pup started on supplements! Sometimes the best foods for dogs, whether you are feeding fresh dog food, raw dog food, or dry food, can do with that extra boost! While it takes some getting used to, your pup will get used to eating supplements eventually - and will be reaping all the health benefits! 






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