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Eyes are the windows to our souls, and to our pups’ as well! These important organs help our furry friends navigate the world - making it absolutely vital to take care of their eyes. But our dogs’ eyes work very differently from ours and it’s good to understand the differences.

Let’s take a look at some interesting ways our pups eyes are different from ours, and if you find yourself researching on dog losing eyesight, we also share how we can improve our dog’s eye health!

3 Easy Ways to Keep your Pup’s Eyes Healthy

Fun Fact #1 Dogs see fewer colors

Did you know that dogs can’t see all the colors we can? In fact, they have the eyesight of a human who is red-green color blind! 

This is because they have fewer color receptors in their eyes. They’re also less sensitive to the color red - so if you notice your pup ignoring the shiny red toy you just bought for them, you might want to switch over to something blue or violet! Not a problem at all as Good Dog People carry a wide variety of toys in different colours!

Fun Fact #2 Dogs have 20/75 eyesight

6 Best Dog Food For Your Dog

While our pups seem like they might have keen eyesight, their vision is actually slightly nearsighted. An object that a human can clearly see at 75 feet (23 m) can only be seen clearly by dogs at 20 feet (6 m). So if you’re standing motionless far away from your pup, they may not recognise you. 

That said, our pups’ eyes have evolved to be much more sensitive to objects in motion - which is also why it’s suggested that we use large sweeping movements when training our pups to follow cues! They also have better night vision and a larger field of vision. 

Fun Fact #3 Blind dogs can still lead a fulfilling life

Even as our pups rely a lot less on their eyesight than us humans, losing their sight would still be a terrible loss. Having said that, our pups have other heightened senses to make up for their eyes. 

3 Easy Ways to Keep your Pup’s Eyes Healthy

Blind pups are able to lead happy lives as long as their environment is adjusted to their needs - such as avoiding stairs and keeping their path clear. That said, it’s always a good idea to take extra care of your dog’s eye health to avoid this scenario in the first place!

 What to do to improve dog eye health?

As a rule of thumb, making sure that your pup gets the best dog food that includes:

  • Food good for dog eyes
  • Dog supplements, in particular eye supplements for dogs 

Going for routine checkups at the vet can also ensure they have healthy eyes and uncover eye conditions like dog eye cataract, and other dog eye problems early.

Clean Their Eyes 

To take care of our furry friends’ eyes, always keep their eyes clean! Just like us, our pups’ eyes are able to flush out dirt - but the hair around their eyes can trap this dirt and debris. So arm yourself with cotton wool and an eye cleanser like Shake Organic’s Eye Cleanser for Dogs. Clean your pups’ eyes around once a week if you can!

Superfood Diet 

Another important way to take care of our pups’ eyes is their diet! Boost their eye health by treating them to some tasty superfoods and essential eye supplements!

3 Easy Ways to Keep your Pup’s Eyes Healthy

Blueberries and Pumpkins - These tasty ingredients contain healthy nutrients like lutein and beta-carotene that help support your pups’ night vision and prevent their eyes from degenerating or getting fatigued. Fruitables’ delicious Pumpkin and Blueberry Dog Treats are a great way to sneak a little bit of that healthy goodness into your pups diet! 

Veggies like Broccoli, Carrots and Kale - Vegetables are just as good for pups as they are for us! These specific veggies are full of important vitamins and nutrients that boost dog eye health. If your pup has a tear stain problem, Naturvet’s Tear Stain Supplements capitalise on these ingredients and more to give your pup the healthy boost they need!

Seeds, Herbs and Plants - Specific superfood plants like arrowroot, turmeric or ginseng are great for your pup’s health. Augustine Approved’s SuperBoost Powder is a great eye supplement made of whole foods to promote healthy skin, digestion, organ and dog eye health!

3 Easy Ways to Keep your Pup’s Eyes Healthy

Monitor Your Pup’s Eyes

Our dogs’ eyes can be damaged in a number of ways - from old age and accidents to congenital or genetic predisposition and certain health problems. 

In order to keep ahead of these issues, make sure to check your pup’s eyes regularly. If you spot any irregularities like cloudy eyes or glaucoma, it’s a good idea to bring them to a vet when you can. Eye problems can sometimes be an indicator to other illnesses!

If your pup is getting a little older, they may also need an all around boost of important bodily functions from their eyes to their liver, heart and immune system. NaturVet’s Senior Advanced Soft Chews provide the holistic support that every aging pup needs in addition to the best dog food for them!

3 Easy Ways to Keep your Pup’s Eyes Healthy

Caring for our furry companions can be so rewarding! While our pups may not rely 100% on their eyesight to function, it’s just as vital to care for these sensitive organs as they can be a precursor to other problems. These extra hours of care and attention will go a long way in helping them live a long and happy life by your side!


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