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Dogs make perfect companions and the thought of owning one can be very exciting. However, if you live in a HDB, as most Singaporeans do, there are some restrictions you will need to take note of.

HDB Approved Dog Breeds In Singapore

For starters, there can only be one HDB approved dog per household. Pet parents must also be responsible for taking care of their pet, which includes cleaning up their waste, making sure it’s not a disturbance to neighbours, and is safely within the compounds of the flat so it does not disrupt or pose a danger to others. Dogs, even if HDB approved, must be licensed by the NParks Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS). 

Here are some of the HDB-approved dog breeds that could be suitable for you!

HDB Approved Dog Breeds In Singapore


A common breed of pup you’ll find around Singapore, terriers are playful and really loving. They’re devoted to their owners and need quite a bit of maintenance. But they’re extra playful and will make the perfect lifelong companion. Out of the 62 HDB-approved breeds, the different variations of terriers already take up 25 of them!

HDB Approved Dog Breeds In Singapore


These adorable lap dogs are gentle and fearless! They make friends easily and are great dogs for families. They’re fun, friendly and have a lot of pep in their step. For the Singapore lifestyle, Malteses are one of the most suitable dog companions to have around.

HDB Approved Dog Breeds In Singapore


One of the oldest breeds around, poodles are highly intelligent and extra affectionate. They’re extremely easy to train and suitable for plenty of tasks. Just make sure they’re plenty stimulated - mentally and physically! Make sure to bring them out for plenty of walks using Freedom’s No-Pull Harness & Leash.

HDB Approved Dog Breeds In Singapore

Shih Tzu

Bred to be companions, Shih Tzus are happy and outgoing, making great house dogs. They’ll follow you around from room to room, keeping you company on hard days. They’re also great with children!

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Bichon Frise

Small but sturdy, these pups are full of personality. They adapt quickly to their environment and the people around them. They’re also naturally curious and alert, making excellent watchdogs. They also love being trained so stock up on treats like Canadian Jerky’s Real Liver Dog Training Treats!

HDB Approved Dog Breeds In Singapore


Coming in a range of sizes, Schnauzers are healthy pups that are extra cute and really outgoing. They’re tough without being aggressive and can be really bright and friendly. They also get along really well with kids or other animals.

HDB Approved Dog Breeds In Singapore

Mixed breeds

In 2012, Project ADORE was launched in order to make adopting local mixed breed dogs, also known as Singapore Specials, easier for HDB flat owners. Interested adopters are allowed to keep only one dog per flat and have to abide by stringent ownership conditions.

The dog has to:

  • Be a local medium-sized mixed-breed or “Singapore Special”
  • Be at least 6 months old and sterilised
  • Have shoulder height up to 55cm
  • Undergo compulsory basic obedience training by AVA-accredited trainers

New owners will have to:

  • Sign a declaration that they will observe the Code of Responsible Behaviour (CORB)
  • Understand that only 1 registered dog is allowed per HDB household
  • Check that their immediate neighbours are agreeable to them having the dog
  • Ensure that their new furry friend is sterilised, vaccinated and microchipped
  • Apply for an AVA license and make sure their furry friend is “HDB-approved”

Places like Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD) are part of Project Adore and have many dogs that are already obedience trained and qualified under this project

Adopting a dog can be a big decision, but it doesn’t have to be a scary one. At the end of the day, regardless of your housing type, responsible pet ownership is vital and all dogs should go to a loving home!















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Tammi writes articles about anything from data analytics to animal health, and loves doing the occasional craft. But most importantly, she loves hanging out and doing photo-shoots with her dog. 

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