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Peak Nutrition Without Compromise

GDP Reviews: ZIWI Peak Air Dried Goodness

Preserving sustainability is one of ZIWI Peak’s top priorities as a premium pet food brand, which is why ZIWI Peak sources only for the finest and freshest ingredients from ethical and sustainably-managed family-owned farms of New Zealand. Although ZIWI Peak has a shorter ingredient list compared to others, the brand carefully selects the ingredients that go into every recipe to ensure that each ingredient in your dog’s meal is essential. 

Today, we’ll be introducing some major health perks that your pup stands to gain from the ingredients included in the ZIWI Peak Air Dried Dog Food and why a shorter ingredient list doesn’t mean that your pup is missing out on anything! 

Grab your own bag of ZIWI Peak Air Dried Dog Food now at 20% off and receive a free ZIWI Peak Oral Health Chew (worth up to $22) for 2.5kg or 4kg purchases, only for a limited time period! 

    Essential Ingredients for Better Health

    GDP Reviews: ZIWI Peak Air Dried Goodness

    #1: Meats -Protein Richness In Every Bite

    With each scoop consisting of 96% fresh meat, seafood, organs, bones and 4% consisting of essential vitamins and minerals, it allows your pup to absorb maximum protein richness in every bite. For instance, the ZIWI Peak Air Dried Venison Dog Dry Food is naturally rich in protein as it contains all of the 10 essential amino acids that are needed to protect your dog from potential major health concerns. Not to mention, Venison also contains a good source of B vitamins and minerals - helping dogs to maintain healthy energy levels and soothing to the taste buds of many pups as well! 

    #2: Green-Lipped Mussels - The Road to Long-term Joint Health

    💡 DID YOU KNOW: New Zealand is the only country where green-lipped mussels are harvested! 💡

    With osteoarthritis and joint inflammation being common ailments in dogs, ZIWI Peak includes a minimum of 3% green-lipped mussels into every small-batch recipe - as this exclusive ingredient can ultimately support your dog’s long-term joint health! Aside from having green-lipped mussels as a delicacy (extremely delicious!), they are a 100% natural source of glucosamine, chondroitin, glycogens and omega 3 fatty acids that have the proven ability to improve your dog’s overall joint health. 

    #3: Cold-Washed Green Tripe - Enhanced Digestion and Palatability

    💡DID YOU KNOW: ZIWI Peak uses a cold-wash preparation process for its green tripes in order to retain the full nutritional benefits required for your dog. 💡

    Rich in enzymes, probiotics and as a natural source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, the consumption of tripe contributes to proper digestion and detoxification processes - making the inclusion of this ingredient especially beneficial for dogs with sensitive stomachs!

    For our picky eaters, the green tripe enhances palatability. The addition of tripe is one of the main reasons why ZIWI Peak diets and treats are perfect for daily meals, snacks and as toppers to entice these reluctant eaters.

      ZIWI Peak's Short Ingredient List

      GDP Reviews: ZIWI Peak Air Dried Goodness

      Does a shorter ingredient list mean that your dog is not getting enough nutrients? Definitely not! ZIWI Peak ensures that only the best ingredients go into your dog’s meal, providing your dog with a high level of nutritional value that they need for growth. In fact, it is the things that are not included in ZIWI Peak’s Air-Dried Dog Food that makes the brand stand out from its competitors. 

      #1: No Rendered Meat Meals

      ZIWI Peak does not use any form of rendered meat in their dog meals. Aside from it being a cheaper alternative to fresh meat, rendered meats also do not offer any nutritional value to your dog. Instead, ZIWI Peak carefully hand selects meats, organs, bones and seafood that adds value to your dog’s overall nutritional well-being.

      #2: No Glycerine & No Fillers

      Being carnivores by nature, our dogs’ bodies are not designed to digest carbohydrates. Having said so, ZIWI Peak is the only air dried pet food brand that does not include any form of glycerine or low-cost fillers (such as wheat, grains, potatoes and corn) in their dog meals. Thus, ZIWI Peak’s natural, whole-prey and meat-rich diet can allow your pup to receive plentiful nutritional benefits that he needs to thrive. 

      #3: No Growth Promotants or Added Hormones

      ZIWI Peak’s meat ingredients are raised without growth promotants or added hormones. ZIWI Peak believes that a natural, complete and well-balanced diet is the key in keeping your dog healthy and happy! Therefore, ZIWI Peak sources for its meat ingredients only from green, free-ranging farms and the blue, pristine waters of the Southern oceans of New Zealand.

      Where to buy ZIWI Peak Dog Food?

      GDP Reviews: ZIWI Peak Air Dried Goodness

      Help your dog to taste life in New Zealand by ordering your ZIWI Peak Air Dried Dog Food at 20% off and get a free ZIWI Peak Oral Health Chew (worth up to $22) of your choice (for purchases of 2.5kg or 4kg) on us! Now available online at 

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