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With the current COVID-19 situation, many companies are implementing Work From Home schemes, and there are boundless advantages for working from home. For pet parents like us, that might sound like heaven - imagine having a bring-your-dog-to-work day every single day! Our pups will probably also be more than a little surprised and excited to see us at home during work hours.

4 Tips for Working From Home With Your Dog

Eventually, however, as work starts to come rushing in, it might get harder and harder to split your attention between your furry companions and the work you have on hand. How exactly should you balance your work with caring for your dog? Is there a way to make sure your pup is not being neglected while you’re busy finishing important work tasks? Here are 4 tips for how to work effectively from home, without neglecting your dogs.

#1 House Prep

It’s hard to get focused on home basis work when your mind is running circles worrying about the trouble your pup could be getting into while they’re running around the house. Yet, you might not want to restrict their freedom for the entire day. 

A good compromise might be to provide them with a comfortable dog bed like DreamCastle’s selection of adorable and uber comfy natural dog beds, plenty of food, water and toys in the room where you’re working. With any luck, they’ll be plenty busy with their brand new KONG Tiltz Interactive Dog Toy, allowing you to focus on your work. However, that might not be an option for many, especially if your work calls for your undivided attention, but your companion dogs just want out of that room.

4 Tips for Working From Home With Your Dog

For that, you might want to purchase a good pet security camera like Pawbo+’s Wireless Interactive Pet Camera online that can help you keep an eye on your pet. Hook it up to your work monitor and keep it running in the background. That way, come hell or high water, you’ll still be able to watch over your dog while keeping your work room a dog-free zone.

You may also want to dog-proof your home by covering up expensive items of furniture and restricting your pup from entering areas where they could make a huge mess, like the kitchen. This is especially important while your dog at home is getting used to their new WFH routine, as they might get a little too excited and wreck some furniture in their excitement.

#2 Plan Ahead

During these uncertain times, you might not be able to bring your dog out to walk too often, especially not if the area you typically frequent is often crowded. So to prepare for that, get some interactive toys that will help your pup workout mentally and physically.

4 Tips for Working From Home With Your Dog

You may also want to get your pup crate trained. Telecommuting jobs today require frequent calls to colleagues and clients alike. If your dogs are making a little too much noise and you need to make an important call, it’s important to have dog crates your pup can stay in comfortably so you can give your conference call your undivided attention. 

To make your life a little easier, get an automatic pet feeder or water fountain like Petkit’s great Eversweet Drinking Fountain suitable for cats and dogs. This way, you’re able to focus on your work while being assured that your pet has plenty of food and water to last the day. 

#3 Schedule Playtime

Even with WFH measures in place, it’s essential to dedicate at least an hour’s time to dog care every day. In fact, it’s especially important as you’ll be home the whole day but unable to shower your pup with the love they deserve.

4 Tips for Working From Home With Your Dog

During your dedicated doggy play time, get them moving by playing a few games of fetch or tug of war with their favourite toys. For the active and intelligent pups, order a delicious Zeal Air Dried Treats delivery to your home and exercise your dogs’ mind and body with some obedience training or all around pampering. 

But do take note - if your pup starts developing symptoms of anxiety or neediness, like whining or barking to get your attention. Don’t give in too easily as you may not want to encourage continued behaviour.

#4 Enjoy

Who doesn’t dream of working with their pup in their lap? Although staying inside with your pup for days on end might drive you a little nuts, make the best of it! Why not dress your pup up in a Zee.Dog T-shirt and do a summer-inspired photoshoot? Or teach your pup that new trick you’ve been seeing other dogs do on Instagram or Reddit?

4 Tips for Working From Home With Your Dog

The next few weeks will probably be more than a little stressful, but if you take things one day at a time with your pup by your side, this WFH period will go by in a blink of an eye! 

    Tammi ChngTAMMI CHNG
    Tammi writes articles about anything from data analytics to animal health, and loves doing the occasional craft. But most importantly, she loves hanging out and doing photo-shoots with her dog. 

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