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So you’ve finally settled on the bare basics - you know what type of dog food to purchase, you’ve prepared an extra comfy dog bed for your pup and you’re ready for long walks.

What else will you need? Let’s take a look at another 4 must-have items for any new dog!

4 More Things You'll Need For Your New Dog

#1 Treats

Outside of your pup’s typical diet, purchasing some suitable dog treats are an absolute must! Not only are treats extra handy for training your pup, they’re also great ways to bond with your dog.

Plus, many dog treats like Wellness’ Puppy Bites come full of vitamins, omega-3 and other healthy nutrients and can be a great boost to your dog’s health!

When it comes to training treats, make sure to purchase small but delicious dog treats for the best effect. Small Batch’s Freeze-Dried Chicken Hearts makes for irresistible dog treats that will definitely make training extra easy on you and your pup.

4 More Things You'll Need For Your New Dog

#2 Pee Pads

While it isn’t the most fun, housebreaking your pup is an absolute necessity if you want to prevent nasty accidents around the house.

To housebreak your dog effectively, you’ll need some handy dandy pee pads like Absorb Plus’ Antibacterial Dog Pee Pads. These will also help prevent the terrible smell of dog pee in your home! Just make sure to clean and switch them out regularly.

When it comes to potty training your pup, make sure to err on the side of caution if you want to avoid accidents. For more information on how you can potty train your dog, take a look at this article.

4 More Things You'll Need For Your New Dog

#3 Toys, Toys, Toys

With most of your doggy necessities out of the way, it’s time to get to the fun stuff - dog toys!

Toys are an absolute highlight in any dog’s life - not only do they keep your pup mentally and physically stimulated, they can also serve as great bonding tools for you and your pup!

When it comes to toys, however, one thing that’s often overlooked is dog toy selection. Not every toy is suitable for every dog! In fact, it’s important to take note of the stage of life your dog is at when choosing a new toy for them. Not only is your pup biologically different at every stage, their play style could also vary!

For instance, puppies who are still teething will likely require special puppy toys that prevent their teeth from getting sore. Senior dogs, on the other hand, also require softer toys that are easy on their jaws and teeth.

It’s vital to consider your pup’s personality too - aggressive chewers will likely chew through any soft, cuddly toy in seconds! Instead, pick out more durable, rubber toys!

If you want your pup to work their brain out even more, consider purchasing an interactive dog toy like Outward Hound's Nina Ottosson Dog Smart Interactive Dog Toy. These types of toys help keep your dog mentally stimulated, staving off boredom and it’s various destructive side effects!

Most importantly, remember to switch out your pup’s toys once in a while to keep things fresh, and your pup happy!

4 More Things You'll Need For Your New Dog

#4 Crates

While this is an often overlooked tool in every pet parent’s doggy toolkit, purchasing a crate can actually help improve your pup’s experience as you introduce them to their new house.

It provides them a safe and comfortable space as they get used to their new home - plus, it’s great for house training your dog. Portable crates also make it so much easier to bring your dog to the vet! For easy cleaning and management, you may also want to consider foldable dog cages like Dr.Cage’s Foldable 3ft Dog Cage. This particular crate is extra strong and durable, providing your pup a perfect space to relax in.

Thankfully, selecting the right crate for your pup isn’t too much of a hassle - all you need to consider is your dog’s size. Just make sure the crate is at least 7-10 cm taller and longer than your pup, giving them plenty of room to stand up, turn and lie down.

4 More Things You'll Need For Your New Dog

As mentioned in the last article, welcoming a new pup into the family can take a lot of time and effort in researching and purchasing the right doggy essentials. Thankfully, with these last two articles in your belt, you’re that much closer to your first steps as a pet parent! Good luck!

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