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For most dogs, walks are their favourite parts of the day! They get to enjoy the outdoors with their favourite human and burn off all that extra energy. For dog owners like us, walking our dog can also be a welcome breath of fresh air.

But once the walk is done, it’s easy to come home just wanting to take off their leash and rest right away. In truth, cleaning our pup’s paws after going out on walks is a vital, but often missed step.

3 Reasons To Clean Your Dog's Paws After Walks

Why should we clean our pup’s paws? How does it affect our pup, or even us? What’s the best way to clean our dog’s paws? 

#1 Keep Your House Clean

After most walks, it’s inevitable for dirt, germs and mud to be gathered on our pup’s feet.

Cleaning your dog’s paws prevents them from tracking all sorts of gross post-walk stuff all over your floors. It might be a pain in the short run, but future you will be plenty appreciative when you don’t have to mop the floors so regularly!

All you need is an easy to use dog-safe dog paw cleaner like Wahl’s Refresh Coconut Lime Verbena Pet Wipes. These help keep your pup’s feet clean and fresh, with a nice coconut-y scent!

3 Reasons To Clean Your Dog's Paws After Walks

#2 Keep Your Pup Healthy

Unlike us, most dogs don’t wear shoes! This makes checking their paws after walks a vital step in your daily routine. 

For instance, when it’s warm outdoors, concrete paths and sidewalks heat up and may burn your dog’s feet. Cleaning your dog’s feet gets rid of debris stuck on their feet, helping them heal faster and better. Dog shoes and doggie boots can help in these situations, but not every dog enjoys wearing shoes.

If they have any cuts and scrapes on their feet, cleaning your pup’s feet also gives you a chance to give them proper treatment. Give Washbar’s Natural Paw Balm for Dogs a try to help your pup heal from dry skin and damage. 

On the other hand, rainy days might be nice and cool for outdoor walks, but may also mean your dog’s paws will get moist. Make sure to clean and dry their paws to keep their feet fresh and comfortable!

3 Reasons To Clean Your Dog's Paws After Walks

Another important thing to note is that bacteria, ticks and other bad parasites can hide in your dog’s paws. This is especially important if your dog has been walking through lots of grass, in wooded areas. You can also prevent this through Insect Shield’s Paisley Flea & Tick Repellant Bandana! These are stylish, fun and most importantly, it helps keep your pup safe and healthy!

After a particularly long walk, you might want to use smirth&burton’s Soothing Cologne for Dogs. This helps keep your dog smelling fresh and clean, prevents dog mats and is great for your pup’s coat!

#3 Keep Yourself Healthy

Outside of just getting mud, dirt and dust on your floors and carpets, not cleaning your pup’s paws could lead to bacteria outbreaks in your home. These can be very harmful for you and your family.

While cleaning your house regularly is important for you and your dog, wiping down your pup’s feet post-walk is still the best solution! In fact, if your pup has fleas and ticks, you may want to arm yourself with TropiClean’s Natural Flea & Tick Spray. These dog-safe sprays don’t just kill fleas, ticks and larvae on contact, they also help repel pests, keeping both you and your pup safe and healthy!

3 Reasons To Clean Your Dog's Paws After Walks

Caring for our pups doesn’t have to feel like a pain. Even with post-walk lethargy taking over, having all the necessary tools by the door can make it a breeze. Plus, cleaning your dog’s paws is a great time to do a rough wellbeing check on your pup. Once you’re done cleaning your pup’s paws, you can rest easy and snuggle up with your dog right after! 


Editor’s Note: 

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