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For most pup parents, getting a regular dog leash from the local pet store seems like the easiest and most convenient option. While it is a fast way to get started walking your dog, there is a wide range of different types of dog gear like leashes that not only make your life easier, but also help your pup enjoy their walks even more.

Let’s take a look at what you can look out for when picking the right dog leash for your pup for every occasion!

3 Easy Tips For Picking The Best Leash For Your Pup

#1 Different Leashes For Different Purposes

Leashes aren’t just for walking your pup. They’re also great tools for bringing your pup to places like the vet clinic and pet store, and can be a powerful training supplement. 

It’s therefore important to pick the right tool for the right job. Here’s a rundown of some of the most common types of leashes:

Standard Leash - 1.2 - 2 m long and 1 - 3 cm wide, these dog leashes are among the most common as they’re generally long and wide enough to be suitable for most dogs. They come in four types: Nylon, Leather, Rope and Bamboo.

  • Nylon: Nylon leashes are easy to clean and are great for shorter walks, but may not be suitable for larger dogs as they might snap their leashes when straining against it. Zee.Dog Tommy Ruff Shock Absorbent Dog Leash is a great nylon option as it absorbs the force of your pup pulling on their leash for a more comfortable walking experience for you.
  • Leather: Leather leashes tend to last longer and can be more comfortable on your hands as they don’t cause leash burn like nylon leashes sometimes do. Leather can, however, be hard to clean and expensive, but a good water-resistant leather leash like Land Rover Barbour Leather Dog Leash can go a long way for walks through urban areas.

3 Easy Tips For Picking The Best Leash For Your Pup

  • Rope: Rope leashes are durable and comfortable. They’re also more flexible than nylon and leather, helping to prevent your pup from injuring themselves when pulling on their leash. Zee.Dog Nebula Rope Dog Leash combines collar and leash in one adjustable, easy-to-use piece, making it great for training in general, difficult-to-train dogs, and for dogs adjusting to a collar or regular leash.
  • Bamboo: Bamboo leashes are strong, breathable and yet - light and soft. Their anti-bacterial function also makes them odour resistant and generally easy to maintain. The Loyal.D Bamboo Collar & Dog Leash Set is perfect for everyday use. Plus, they’re eco-friendly! 

3 Easy Tips For Picking The Best Leash For Your Pup

Adjustable Leash - Adjustable leashes are often a comfortable and durable choice. They lengthen and shorten easily, allowing you to easily tether your pup to a tree if necessary. But most of all, adjustable leashes are a great dog training leash as you can gradually lengthen the dog leash when training your pup to heel. Accompanied by Freedom’s No-Pull Harness & Leash, your pup will be trained in no time!

Chain Leash - For large dogs that chew through normal leashes easily, chain leashes can be a great option. They’re super durable and dogs don’t like chewing on the chain. Chain leashes can, however, be heavy and difficult to use, so in the long run you may want to train your pup to use other lighter leashes. It is also best to avoid any sort of choke, prong or pinch collar, which could severely injure your beloved puppers.

[We thought you should know]: Here at GDP, we do not advocate for the use of retractable dog leash, and we do so for various reasons, including the fact that retractable leashes are not as safe as you think. The general lack of control due to its long and thin leash presents many problems, which include potentially posing danger to not just your dog and yourself, but other furry friends in the community and their humans as well. 

#2 Pay Attention to Your Pup

When you’re picking a pet leash, always make sure your dog feels comfortable in their new leash. After all, some dog leash options like chain leashes can be too thick and heavy for small dogs like Chihuahuas. While a thinner and lightweight pet leash will easily snap if equipped on a large dog like a Mastiff. 

It’s also important to understand your pup’s walking habits. Some pups like chewing on their leashes and can easily chew through standard nylon leashes, so like mentioned, you might want to get a thicker dog leash or even a chain leash. If your pup pulls on their leash a lot, you may want to do some training with them using an adjustable leash. 

3 Easy Tips For Picking The Best Leash For Your Pup

Make sure to also get a comfortable and suitable harness or collar that clips together well. Sputnik’s Harness + Leash Set is an easy bet with the leash’s leather handle giving an outstanding hand-feel and grip as well as excellent pull-strength. This set is durable and easily adjustable. It’s also comfortable and can be worn crossbody for a hands-free experience! 

#3 Finding Your Routine

Other than your pup’s preferences, it’s also important to take into account your own likes and dislikes. 

If you love the outdoors and enjoy taking your pup out on hikes or walks in “wilder” areas, you might want to pick a durable water-resistant pet leash option so it lasts longer. You can also consider using a hands-free pet leash often connected to your belt so you have your hands free for other activities. 

The time of day that you go on walks can also inform your pet leash decision. If you walk your dog at night, consider getting a dog leash or collar that’s reflective to increase your pup’s visibility at night. Pair Red Dingo Ziggy Reflective Dog Collar with your favourite leash. This could be a huge life saver, especially if you’re in an urban area with more cars around.

3 Easy Tips For Picking The Best Leash For Your Pup

Dog owners today are spoilt for choice, so it can be hard to avoid feeling overwhelmed. But these choices mean you and your pup can find a dog leash that’s easy and comfortable for everyone involved, making daily walks a breeze. If in doubt, get a standard leash suitable for your dog’s size and purchase other leashes if you need them. 


Editor’s Note: 

GDP supports ethical and responsible dog ownership and you can be assured that all the products featured on our online store are responsible products. You may check out our Academy to learn more about various interesting topics that might guide you to becoming an even better dog owner for your furry friend. 






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