Love Pot Dry Face No Dust & Splash Dog Water Bowl (Improved)

By Yogi

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  • Description

    Do you have a clumsy dog at home that just can’t seem to drink water from their bowl without sharing some of it with the entire floor and anything next to them? If so, having your dog drink from a regular dog bowl won’t cut it. If your dog’s also known to get their face wet and having water dripping from it as if they’d gone for a swim and come back, you’ll be glad to know that this dripless dog water bowl has a lid feature that prevents your dog from getting water all over their beard area and ears area, two positions where sloppy drinking dogs always manage to get water on.


    • Reduces water splashing and dripping while drinking
    • Keeps face, beard and ears dry
    • Keeps away dust so that your dog can has a constant supply of clean and fresh water
    • Holds 1L of water
    • Measures 210 x 175 x 90mm

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