Pawbo Spring Smart Pet Fountain

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  • Pawbo Spring Smart Pet Fountain is a great way to monitor your pets water intake, as one third of older pets have some form of kidney disease, it is crucial that they get the right amount of water they need. 


    • Records precious moments of your pets with a built-in camera.
    • Helps to monitor your pet’s health & encourage them to drink more.
    • Pet-friendly and easy-to-use design.
    • Records data and notifies your smartphone via Pawbo Spring app.
    • Easy to remove, fill and clean water tank.
    • Product Dimensions: (H) 250 x (W) 243 x (L) 258 mm  
    • Product Specifications:
      • Model: PPC-PW01.
      • Input: 5V 1A.
      • Power adapter: 100-240V ~ 50/60 Hz.
      • Weight: 2500 grams.
      • Capacity: 3L.
      • Operation temperature: 5°C - 45°C.
      • Input: 5V 1A.
      • SD Card: 8gb.
      • CPU: Goke GK8602B.
      • Flash: Flash 128M Bytes.
      • Bluetooth: ST BlueNRG1 Module 1.
      • WiFi: MT7601 Module.
      • Microphone: One microphone.
      • Camera: 2 million pixel.
      • Pump capacity: 110L/H.
      • LED:Dual-color LED: Red and Blue.
      • Filter: PP cotton, Activated carbon, Ion-Exchange resin. 
      • 1 year manufacturer warranty included
    • What’s included in the box
      • 1 x Filter pack (3 pieces).
      • 1 x Pawbo Spring Smart Pet Fountain.
      • 1 x Pawbo iPuppyGo.
      • Quick setup guide

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  • Monitor your pets’ health
    With the use of the Pawbo Spring app in conjunction with Pawbo Spring Smart Pet Fountain, you can learn about your pets’ drinking patterns, allowing you to stay on top of their health. 

    Pawbo Spring Smart Pet Fountain helps to provide data that can help your vet to diagnose any potential illnesses your pet may have contracted. 

    Whenever Pawbo Spring Smart Pet Fountain notices that your pet is not taking in their needed supply of water, the app will have notify you to get your pets to drink more water. 

    Smart notifications and data recording
    Pawbo Spring Smart Pet Fountain can also be used in conjunction with the iPuppyGo Tag, this helps to keep track each of your pets’ water consumption. 

    To prevent pump burnout, Pawbo Spring Smart Pet Fountain automatically shuts down when there is insufficient water levels in storage, this helps to increase the lifespan of your water pump. 

    Pawbo Spring Smart Pet Fountain automatically notifies you when there's low water levels or when the filter require changing. There’s no need to constantly worry about refilling or cleaning, just wait for the app to notify you! 

    The Pawbo Spring app is always connected, access the data anytime and anywhere! 

    Pet-Friendly design
    Pawbo Spring Smart Pet Fountain has a ultra-quiet water pump that does not produce any jarring or frightening noises that may scare away timid pets. 

    The three-layer filter in Pawbo Spring Smart Pet Fountain helps to keep the water and clean and clear for your pet, making sure your pet gets the best water to clean. Made with PP Cotton that filters furs and dirt, Activated Carbon that helps to remove any odors, and Ion-Exchange Resin that helps to soften water. 

    The exact design that make your life easier
    Pawbo Spring Smart Pet Fountain is easy and convenient to clean. The removable water is easy to take out, clean and refill. Designed with rounded corners with the intention to make cleaning easier. 

    Record the moments that warm your heart
    When your pet wears the iPuppyGo tag, Pawbo Spring Smart Pet Fountain automatically detects them and record, to help you capture their drinking activity! These clips can be downloaded directly from the Pawbo Spring app. 

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