Kojima Lick Prevention Soft Collar for Dogs (Kermit The Frog)

By Kojima

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  • Description

    Kojima Lick Prevention Soft Collar for Dogs is made of soft, flexible fabric that makes it less likely for a pet to get stuck between fence posts or under furniture. More importantly, it helps them eat, drink and sleep more comfortably. Plus, there’s no annoying “clunking” sound common with other protective collars. Kojima Lick Prevention Soft Collar for Dogs  are great for injuries, rashes and post-surgery.


    • Soft, flexible fabric make it less likely for pet to get stuck between fence posts or under furniture
    • Helps to eat, drink and sleep more comfortably
    • Great for injuries, rashes, and post-surgery
    • The flexible collar won't knock things over or make noise when bumped against furniture and doorways
    • Easy to clean or wash
    • Vibrant colors and style to cheer up a sick pup and distressed owner
    • Comes in 3 sizes

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