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Barking Heads Fusspot (Salmon & Potato Adult) Dry Dog Food

Barking Heads
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Barking Head's Fusspot (Salmon & Potato Adult) should be your go to dry dog food for your furry friend. A complete dog food that is made of 45% Scottish Salmon & Potato this delicious meal is designed to keep their coats shiny and skin healthy, your precious doggo will be shining bright like a diamond! A complete balanced, nutritionally-positive food for adult dogs which dog would want to miss out on this good stuff?


    • The sweet potato is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients as well as stabilising blood-sugar levels and lowering insulin resistance
    • Excellent source of protein which goes hand-in-hand with a lovely shiny coat and healthy skin
    • Gentle on their digestive systems
    • Salmon – A hypoallergenic protein full of lovely amino acids that promote health and energy
    • Trout – low in saturated fats and high in Omega-3 fatty acids for joint protection and mobility
    • Looks after your dog’s hips and joints– Glucosamine and Chondroitin nourishes and repairs cartilage in joints
    • Wheat and Barley Free – helps to prevent allergies (and associated scratching)


    • Breed Size: All Breeds
    • Life Stage: All Stages
    • Special Diet: By-Product Free, Grain Free, Limited Ingredient
    • Protein: Salmon 
    • Size: 2 Kilogram
    • Made In: United Kingdom

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      There are 4 ways to feed-Feed it as a full meal, as a treat, Food Topper or Add it to canned food.

      Fresh water is also a key provision that your dog will needs at all times.