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Artero Grooming Slicker With Small Wooden Handle For Dogs

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Tackle your pal’s everyday shedding with the Artero Grooming Tools Small Wooden Handle Slicker. Developed with professional groomers, it’s designed to gently de-shed your dog with fine bristles that easily grab loose hair and excess undercoat while also detangling and removing mats. The bristle tips have a soft protective coating so they’re extra-gentle on your pal’s skin and coat, which means your pooch will actually look forward to a good brushing session. Plus, it has an ergonomically designed wooden handle for maximum comfort and control while you work your de-shedding magic.


  • Extra fine bristles grab and remove loose hair from the undercoat to de-shed your pooch.
  • Helps remove tangles and matted hair to keep your pal’s skin and coat healthy and manageable.
  • Safe and gentle enough for everyday use and helps prevent excess shedding around your home.
  • Bristle tips are coated with a protective coating so it’s extra gentle on your pal.
  • Ergonomic wooden handle means it’s easy to hold and maneuver, and won’t tire out your hands.


    • Breed Size: All Breeds 
    • Life Stage: All Stages
    • Sizes: Small 4.5cm x 9cm, and large 5.5cm x 11cm
    • Made in: Spain

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