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#1 All Systems Slicker Brush For Dogs

#1 All Systems
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This large, premium quality, gentle style Slicker Brush with 2.5" x 1.5" bristle pad is a favorite of professional groomers and handlers. The #1 All Systems Slicker brushes use longer pins to get all the way through the most dense coats; safely cleans out dead undercoat, while not damaging top coat; soft and pliable enough for the most fragile coats. The bent-wire bristles grasp and removes undercoat... and when used regularly can prevent matting. Be sure to lift the coat and brush from the skin out in layers this technique called "line brushing" will provide the most efficient and enjoyable grooming session for you and your furry friend. This gentle slicker brush removes shedding hair without damaging topcoat providing a beautiful and long lasting well groomed finish. For best results it is important to test what you have brushed with a Comb inserted parallel to the skin to capture any tangles, mats or clumps of undercoat.


  • Longer pins get all the way through the most dense coats
  • Safely cleans out dead undercoat while not damaging top coat
  • Soft and pliable enough for the most fragile coats.


    • Breed Size: All Breeds 
    • Life Stage: All Stages 
    • Made In: USA

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