Feed 4 natural, nutritious Wellness fish dog food recipes at 30% OFF - limited time in Singapore. Here's the low down of why fish and rotational diets are good for our dogs.

Like any other proteins, fish is a good protein with high omega-3 fatty acids to add to a dog's diet. Omega-3 fatty acids improve skin and coat for dogs and always a good alternative if your dog is allergic to other proteins such as chicken

Many dog owners add unhealthy toppers to encourage picky dogs to eat. Prolonged use of such methods are unhealthy. Rotate brands and recipes to assess palatability. You don't necessarily have to spend on the extras

Putting your dog on the same dog food brand and formula for years may lead to nutrition deficiencies. Rotating your dog’s food periodically exposes them to different vitamins and minerals, and also reduces the risk of developing food intolerances

A healthy digestive system is a healthy dog. Your dog's digestive system deteriorates when it's not exposed to multi-vitamins and proteins. When the natural gut flora does not break them down well, upset stomachs, bloating, and flatulence occur

Wellness in Your Dog Food

Wellness Pet Food has been crafting natural pet food for nearly 100 years in USA and believe mealtime is more than just a bowl of food. It's the foundation to a longer and healthier life, together. That's why Wellness craft delicious recipes that use simple, natural ingredients—without any fluff or fillers.

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