About Good Dog People™

Good Dog People™ & You


Good Dog People™ advocates a new way of living with dogs. We are an independent pet company based in Singapore, not franchised by big-box chains or funded by venture capitalists. This means we adopt a dog, people and planet first philosophy in the way we do our business. Our goal is simple: We endeavour to create responsible products and services that enrich and empower lives of dogs and people. Because we believe that responsible trade is empowering and powerful. That dog ownership is more than getting mediocre supplies. And the tiniest moments with our dogs are really the biggest. Our 3 values are embodied in our logo below.




Community is an integral part of what we do, and we want to build a community of good dog people – responsible and mindful people who help dogs integrate better into our world, creating a conducive environment for positive dog behaviour, bringing the best out of them and cares about the environmental and social impact from the daily choices we make. We also envision a space where dogs and people come together to share knowledge and forge new friendships. From time to time, we host workshops, webinars, events, meet and greet sessions and pop ups to rekindle the sense of community through our binding obsession with dogs – a spirit that is slowly vanishing in a world now taken over by technologies.


Any change or achievement, no matter big or small starts with the first stepand a commitment to small, daily choices. Your trust towards Good Dog People™ would bring the community one step closer to our goal. Maybe there isn't a one-size-fits-all philosophy to dog ownership. But we can all agree on some basics: That there could be a new and better way of living with dogs – through responsible choices and reimagining dog ownership that would stand the test of time.

This is just the beginning.
Lead the change with Good Dog People™ now.