Puppy & Senior Privilege (PSP)


How Does It Benefit You & Your Dog?

It can be hard to find what exactly suits our puppies and senior dogs in the big box or online pet stores. Whether our dogs will be soon starting their journey with us or heading into their golden years, we hope this could be a pit stop to adjust our buying list in order to meet special needs of our puppies and senior dogs. For example, the nutrition, supplements, mobility and comfort needs are very different during their puppy or senior years.

At Good Dog People™, we would like to extend our care to all puppies and senior dogs with a 5% OFF on all products. This is just one way of us giving back to our wonderful companions who will, or have given so much to us in this life.

How Does It Work?

  • Puppy Privilege: Eligibility extends to dogs up to 18 months of age
  • Senior Privilege: Eligibility extends to dogs from 8 years of age
  • Each application is valid for one dog. If there are more than one puppy or senior dogs in the household, please submit one application for each dog
  • PSP does not limit only to puppy and senior dog products, as long as age eligibility requirements are met
  • To apply for PSP, please familiarise yourself with "Guide to Proof of Dog's Age & Ownership" for a better submission experience
  • Applications will be reviewed and confirmed within 3 working days, after which an email confirmation will be sent
  • No follow ups are required as PSP will be automatically applied to all future purchases until eligibility expires
  • Accounts will be automatically terminated at 18 months (for puppies) or 15 years of age (for senior dogs), whichever applies, including accounts that are inactive for more than 3 months. Please reach out to our Customer Care team for extension or renewal
  • Good Dog People™ reserves the right to terminate accounts and receive compensation for damages and loss that are submitted to intentionally abuse or circumvent the intent of PSP